Breaking: APRIL Officially Disbands

DSP Media has officially announced APRIL’s disbandment.

On January 28, the agency released the following statement:

Hello, this is DSP Media.

We are informing you that our artist APRIL has disbanded.

After a long period of discussion and debate, our agency and the APRIL members decided to have the group disband and go their separate ways.

We ask that you give lots of support and interest to the six members, who will be walking a new path that is not part of APRIL.

Furthermore, we would like to once again thank the fans who supported and cheered on APRIL for the past six years.

Earlier this week, RBW announced that they had acquired DSP Media and would be taking over the agency at the end of March.

APRIL first made their debut in 2015, and the group’s last comeback was in 2020, when they released their special album “Hello Summer.”

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