3 Of The Best Bromance Moments Between Rain And Kim Bum In “Ghost Doctor”

Every episode of “Ghost Doctor” has shown to highlight the incredible bromance between Rain and Kim Bum!

tvN’s “Ghost Doctor” is a fantasy medical drama about two doctors who could not be more different in terms of their backgrounds, skills, or personalities, but who end up combining bodies and spirits. Rain stars as genius thoracic surgeon Cha Young Min, while Kim Bum plays silver-spoon resident Go Seung Tak.

Due to their clashing personalities, it initially appears as though the two will never get close. However, a mysterious car accident leaves Cha Young Min’s soul in Go Seung Tak’s body, forcing the pair to become friends. To adapt to their inevitable circumstances, Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak work together to save patients’ lives and slowly learn more about each other in the process. Here are three of the best moments that capture Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak’s bromance!

1. When they lay out the conditions of combining spirits

When Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak are each earnestly asked by the motorcyclist (Lee Kyu Hyun) and patient Oh Seung Jo (Lee Chun Moo) to save their lives, they realize they need to cooperate with each other. During this disagreement, the two bicker back and forth, laying out the conditions of combining spirits.

However, on the day of the surgery, Cha Young Min is unable to go past a certain boundary and thus cannot enter the operating room. Go Seung Tak nervously waits for him, trying desperately to buy some time. After various ups and downs, the two are finally able to combine spirits and successfully finish the surgery. Once their hard work is done, the two lay side by side, smiling, warming the hearts of viewers.

2. Reconditioning until they become the perfect team

When Go Seung Tak learns that Cha Young Min’s life will be in danger if he continues inhabiting his body, he decides to keep his distance. To fix this, Cha Young Min confesses a secret from his intern days, which makes Go Seung Tak agree to combine spirits once again, much to the excitement of viewers.

Additionally, Cha Young Min learns that his happy hormones from saving a patient stimulate his brain waves so he joins hands with Go Seung Tak on a mission to gather them. They also work together to look after patients and take care of the ghosts to fulfill the final request of chairman Jang Gwang Deok (Lee Moon Soo). Now that the duo make a perfect team, they use their incredible chemistry to busily look after both their human and ghost patients.

3. Their dangerous coalescence – what will happen in the future?

Although it looked as if things were going smoothly, Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak are found out by Han Seung Won (Tae In Ho), Ahn Tae Hyun (Go Sang Ho), and Sung Mi Ran (Yoon Da Kyung). Things particularly get out of hand when Cha Young Min is speaking to Han Seung Won as Go Seung Tak. Han Seung Won’s sarcastic attitude puts Cha Young Min in a rage, eventually making him accidentally reveal his true identity.

Since he’ll be in an iffy situation once Cha Young Min wakes up, Han Seung Won puts all his effort into interrupting Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak’s cooperation. To make matters worse, Oh Seung Jo faints suddenly and must undergo another surgery, but Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak are able to work together and fool Han Seung Won. However, during the surgery, the silhouettes of Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak continue to overlap, potentially teasing something unusual happening to them.

“Ghost Doctor” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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