SECRET NUMBER’s Denise Announces Departure From Group

Denise has announced her departure from SECRET NUMBER and Vine Entertainment.

On February 5 KST, Denise took to Instagram to release statements in both Korean and English announcing that her contract with Vine Entertainment had ended and that she would be leaving the group. She added the caption, “Thank you for your patience and for everything. Love always.”

Her Korean post reads as follows:

This is SECRET NUMBER’s Denise.

As of February 1, 2022, my contract with Vine Entertainment has ended. Those who have waited for me for a long time must be surprised at this news, so I sincerely apologize. After debuting as [a member of] SECRET NUMBER in May 2020, I’ve made such precious memories together with LOCKEY [SECRET NUMBER’s official fan club]. I am so thankful to have gotten to promote happily and to have received so much of your love and attention over the past year. Although I will no longer be able to greet you as SECRET NUMBER, I will always support my fellow members. I will also work hard to greet my fans with a good image. While this is my final statement as SECRET NUMBER’s Denise, I hope you will always continue to love SECRET NUMBER. And please also watch over my promotions. Lastly, to LOCKEY, who have always given me their love and support, and to my fellow members, whom I love. To my agency and the many staff members who supported and cherished everything about me, I sincerely thank you.

Up until now, this has been Denise. Thank you.

Denise also shared a special gift for her fans on Instagram Stories: a cover of DAY6’s “You Were Beautiful,” as well as some photos with SECRET NUMBER.

SECRET NUMBER debuted in May 2020 as a five-member group under Vine Entertainment with “Who Dis?” and made their first comeback with “Got That Boom” in November of the same year. While the group’s latest comeback was in October 2021 with “Fire Saturday,” Denise did not partake in promotions for the single.

We wish Denise all the best in the future!

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