VIXX’s Ravi Shares Why He Named His Album “LOVE&FIGHT,” His Upcoming Goals, And More

Following the release of his second LP, VIXX’s Ravi sat for an interview with Newsen to talk about his title track, working with various featuring artists, and more!

On February 8, Ravi released his second LP “LOVE&FIGHT” along with the title track “WINNER.” The album captures what Ravi believes is the form of love and tells the story of giving your all to those you love and facing what you have to face.

“LOVE&FIGHT” is Ravi’s first studio album in two years since he released “EL DORADO” in 2020. He shared, “This is the longest I’ve spent making an album since I began music. I had lots of discussions with producers in order to create this album’s sound. Now that the result has been released, I feel happy yet empty.”

Regarding the album name, Ravi explained, “I thought that all the happenings, people, dreams, and relationships within our lives corresponded to the words love and fight, so I decided on ‘LOVE&FIGHT.'”

Ravi also introduced his title track “WINNER,” saying, “It’s a song that has to do with the emotions of your competitiveness disappearing in front of those you love. The key point to appreciate is every part, but if you listen to the high-pitched guitar in the chorus, you’ll be able to feel a rush in your chest.”

The album includes numerous featuring artists such as ASH ISLAND, nafla, and Paul Blanco. On working with these artists, Ravi commented, “The artists that I worked with this time naturally ended up featuring after we met up, chatted, and I showed them things I was working on for my album. The artists in question all had different tracks they wanted to work on so we were able to work more effortlessly and enjoyably.”

When asked about his goals for this album, Ravi answered, “I want to hear, ‘Ravi is good at this.’ I especially hope that my fans will become more happy through this album.”

Finally, Ravi shared a message to his fans. He said, “I’m sorry that I said I was releasing a full album and [the waiting period] just got longer. I spent more time on it because I wanted to make an album that you all can listen to for a long time and have lots of affection for. Thank you so much for always waiting for me and shining in your positions. I will also work harder and express more. I’ll see you at [my upcoming concert] ‘Revoir.’ My loves!”

Check out Ravi’s music video for “WINNER” here!

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