8 K-Pop MVs We Wish Could Be Made Into K-Dramas

There is something about K-pop music videos that make them so entertaining. While the songs are usually bops that top charts and receive awards, the cinematography that comes with some title tracks has its own haunting charm. From the storyline that makes the core of the music video all the way to staging that brings it all to life, one can only wish this visual creation lasts a bit more than the usual three to five minutes.

Following in the footsteps of a previous feature about movie plots, here are eight K-pop music videos that would be awesome as K-dramas.

1. BTOB – “I’ll be your man”

BTOB serves a heart-wrenching story where faith, love, and fate are intertwined. This action-filled music video is the best setting for a thriller drama that would keep the audience on the edges of their seats with every scene.

2. BLACKPINK – “Lovesick Girls”

BLACKPINK’s music video for “Lovesick Girls” blesses us with the perfect “girl meets boy” narrative. The plot addresses love, heartbreak, and self-acceptance in a refreshing way that would make an excellent coming-of-age watch.

3. Lee Hi – “Savior” (Feat. B.I)

Lee Hi’s “Savior” reminds us of many dramas that follow the protagonists throughout their childhoods until they meet again as adults. While the main relationship is usually romantic, the platonic twist in this music video makes it more interesting to watch as a drama or a miniseries.

4. Red Velvet – “Psycho”

Psychological thrillers are rare gems in the K-drama world compared to other genres. Considering this oddly calm yet eerie music video, the options for plot twists are endless, especially if the tale takes place in a haunted asylum or an abandoned hotel where Red Velvet stars as the peculiar staff that never leaves the place.

5. AKMU – “NAKKA” (with IU)

Fantastic dramas that introduce mind games and optical illusions are always fun to watch, and it seems that AKMU and IU have brought us quite an interesting take on the matter. The plot gets darker before it resolves with a hopeful ending, and we’re here for it!


MONSTA X takes us into a time travel mission where their lives are at stake. The members try to intervene in time to save one another, but not everyone makes it. This would be brilliantly portrayed as a drama where friendship, sacrifice, and courage are the main themes.

7. BTS – “Blood Sweat & Tears”

When “Blood Sweat & Tears” first came out, its cinematography mesmerized viewers, K-pop fans, and the general public alike. Aside from the aesthetics, the fact that the storyline feels like a period piece is a fundamental reason why we need a TV show adaptation of it.

8. Epik High – “Rosario” ft. CL, Zico

Anyone who knows Epik High is familiar with their love for acting. The trio successfully delivers an ideal staging for a crime drama where a mafia theme could easily be adopted. Especially since we have Zico and CL joining the gang, this seems like the perfect setting for a warlord situation from a musical perspective.

Which K-pop music video would you like to see made into a K-drama? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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