Rain Faces A Difficult Choice While Kim Bum Makes A Romantic Gesture Toward Son Naeun In “Ghost Doctor”

Rain and Kim Bum face completely different situations in the upcoming episode of tvN’s “Ghost Doctor.”


In the previous episode, Cha Young Min (Rain) goes on a date with Jang Se Jin (Uee) while possessing Go Seung Tak. But their happiness is ruined when Jang Min Ho (Lee Tae Sung) orders someone to hit Go Seung Tak with a baseball bat. Cha Young Min’s possession falls apart and he starts to fade.

In new stills for the upcoming episode, Cha Young Min is lost in thought as he contemplates a difficult decision. Go Seung Tak is also in the scene, having a conversation with Jang Se Jin. Jang Se Jin is earnestly listening to someone’s explanation, while Cha Young Min looks desperate on the sidelines.

In a completely different atmosphere, Go Seung Tak and Oh Soo Jung (Son Naeun) exchange a sweet moment in the hospital, as he brings her a bunch of coffee and sweets, prompting curiosity about the reason behind his sudden gift.

The production staff stated, “Cha Young Min stands on the crossroads of a choice regarding the memories he had forgotten. What choice will he make, what will happen to the anxious atmosphere surrounding the hospital, and what direction will Go Seung Tak and Oh Soo Jung’s romance go?”

Episode 15 of “Ghost Doctor” will air on February 21.

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