10 BIGBANG Throwbacks To Get You Pumped For Their Comeback

A lot has happened since BIGBANG began their long hiatus back in 2018. The members finished their military service, Taeyang has become a father, T.O.P left YG Entertainment, and the group has shed a member. But finally, these K-pop legends are returning this spring, adding new music to their formidable repertoire that spans 16 years. To prepare yourself for their comeback, take a walk down memory lane with this list of 10 tracks. Instead of the group’s most famous songs, you’ll find some old hits, B-sides, and under-appreciated title tracks that are sure to remind you of the depth of BIGBANG’s discography!


Kicking off this list is the 2007 hit “LAST FAREWELL” from the group’s second EP — and it’s not only because we’re glad that this long hiatus has not been BIGBANG’s “last farewell.” The song begins “BIGBANG is back” and then goes into a hype chorus that doesn’t quit. Plus, this famous choreography went “viral” in Korea before viral dance trends were even a thing.

2. “Sunset Glow”

Originally by iconic Korean singer Lee Moon Sae, “Sunset Glow” got a remake when BIGBANG released their own version in 2008, 20 years after the original. The song was much loved in Korea, and it’s easy to see why!


This 2006 song was part of the group’s debut studio album and is infectiously cheerful and upbeat. It also features a meme-worthy music video that just gets funnier with time (and will give you real nostalgia!). Plus, the track carries a message about valuing family, friends, and dreams over money — what’s not to love?

4. “Café”

BIGBANG showed off their jazzier side in “CAFE,” a B-side from the group’s fourth mini album. The song proves that most BIGBANG B-sides could be title tracks in their own right. It also showcases the group’s talent: in addition to some wow-worthy falsetto, the song is carried by T.O.P’s deep raps and Daesung’s rich vocals on the second verse. Plus, I’ll never get over these stage outfits with the members’ own faces printed on the front.

5. “SOBER”

It’s hard not to love this free-falling single from the “D” portion of BIGBANG’s 2015 “MADE SERIES” as well as the whimsical music video that accompanies it. If you’ve ever felt listless, lost, or not quite in your right mind, BIGBANG shows that they know exactly how you feel — and that it’s alright!


It may not be as outlandishly hype as “FANTASTIC BABY” or “BANG BANG BANG,” but the 2011 “TONIGHT” is a different kind of party anthem. With simmering anticipation, a little angst, and some of BIGBANG’s best early 2010s fashion, this track is definitely worth a re-listen!

7. “BLUE”

“BLUE” is a real nostalgia-stirrer, and it’s not just because it was released more than 10 years ago in February 2012. If you replayed this song on repeat back then, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that it’s still a total gem. And as a track about passing metaphorically from winter into spring, it’s the perfect song for putting the cold BIGBANG-less days behind us!


With songs like “LOSER,” “LAST DANCE,” and “If You” to their names, the BIGBANG members are undisputed ballad kings. But amid all these more recent ballads (as well as older emotional hits like “Lies” and “Haru Haru”), the 2011 “LOVE SONG” often gets overlooked. Relive this dreamy single and its mesmerizing yet simple music video:


This 2015 track and its adorkable music video are nothing but feel-good vibes. It’s almost impossible to listen to “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” without a smile on your face — especially when you realize all the partying you can do to celebrate BIGBANG’s return!

10. “Flower Road”

Of course, it’s worth listening to BIGBANG’s last release before their lengthy break: “Flower Road” is a sweet farewell song to the group’s fans, released in 2018 ahead of their hiatus. Upbeat yet laced with emotion, the single features G-Dragon asking fans to “meet again when the flowers bloom.” It seems like we’ve finally reached that time!

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