Update: THE BOYZ’s New Tests Positive For COVID-19

Updated March 13 KST: 

THE BOYZ’s New is the latest member of the group to test positive for COVID-19.

On March 13, IST Entertainment stated on THE BOYZ’s official fan café, “On March 12, New tested himself with a self-testing kit because he had some symptoms of COVID-19. The test came back positive, so he went to get a PCR test as well. We received notice of the positive PCR test result on March 13.”

The agency said that New is confirming his isolation period and other details with the disease control authorities and will soon focus on treatment. At the moment, he has no particular symptoms apart from a cough.

Get well soon!

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Updated March 3 KST: 

A few days after THE BOYZ’s Jacob tested positive for COVID-19, Sunwoo has also tested positive.

On March 3, IST Entertainment stated, “Sunwoo has been diagnosed with COVID-19. On March 2, he learned that an acquaintance of his family had tested positive. After feeling symptoms, he tested with a self-testing kit and got a negative result. As his symptoms persisted, he went to get a PCR test, and got the positive result back today.”

The statement continued, “According to the disease control authorities, Sunwoo will be isolating and receiving treatment until midnight on March 9. He is following the necessary requirements. The agency will also faithfully follow the quarantine requirements and other directions from the authorities.”

Get well soon!

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Original Article: 

THE BOYZ’s Jacob has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On February 28, IST Entertainment released the following statement.

Hello, this is IST Entertainment.

THE BOYZ’s Jacob has tested positive for COVID-19.

Jacob returned to Korea on February 22. He took a PCR test on February 23 and it came back negative on the morning of February 24. While in self-quarantine, he underwent two additional rounds of PCR testing on February 27. Today, the final results came back positive.

According to the disease control authorities, Jacob will receive treatment and remain in isolation until midnight on March 5. He currently has no particular symptoms.

We apologize for causing concern and will do our best to support our artist’s quick recovery.

We are following all the necessary directions of the disease control authorities and will faithfully cooperate with self-quarantine and other rules.

Thank you.

In January, several members of THE BOYZ tested positive for COVID-19. They were released from quarantine in early February.

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