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On March 7, Weeekly held an online showcase for the release of their first single album “Play Game : AWAKE”!

Regarding the group’s bold transformation, leader Lee Soojin commented, “We worked hard to showcase an image that was 180 degrees different from the past bubbly and youthful images we’ve shown. Please look forward to our bold and unstoppable image.”

Jaehee explained that while they know many people liked their past teen concepts, the group wanted to portray a different side to themselves. She added, “We’re unraveling a story about a universe and this is the phase of a big transformation. Since this matches up with that point of change, we want to receive responses like, ‘Weeekly adapts well to these kind of concepts too.'”

Due to health reasons, member Jiyoon is sitting out of these promotions and thus was not present at the showcase. Lee Soojin commented, “Right before our comeback, there were aspects we had to prepare all over again, such as changing our choreography positions and movement. Rather than this process being difficult, we are more regretful that we cannot show you [our performance] as a full group.” She also added that the members contact Jiyoon regularly and asked for fans to cheer her on so that she may recover soon.

Compared to Weeekly’s past songs that have captured stories relatable to teens, the lyrics to their new title track “Ven para” describe the sun. Lee Soojin explained, “To put it simply, it captures the bold message to come and follow Weeekly and break through the dark as we powerfully move forward.”

To describe “Ven para” in one word, Park Soeun chose “sweat.” She elaborated, “Without our sweat, ‘Ven para’ could not have been made.” Zoa picked “flower” and shared, “We made our comeback in the warm spring. Also, just like a flower needs lots of time and effort before it blooms, Weeekly also put in lots of time and effort throughout preparations so I chose this [word] out of hopes that people will watch over us kindly.” Monday chose “drawing paper” and added, “I am really excited for and looking forward to what kind of drawing we will end up drawing next, through this song.”

Weeekly also shared stories to explain how intense the “Ven para” choreography is, which was made by YGX’s Yeojin. Zoa commented, “Since ‘Ven para’ has such powerful choreography, we would go into practice after eating a hearty meal, but all the members had a hard time because the choreography was so powerful. Following that, we would eat less or eat after practice.”

Lee Soojin continued, “Since the choreography was so intense, my practice clothes ripped around two times. I was flustered because this was the first time this had happened, but since it’s also proof that I worked very hard, I felt proud.”

With this new transformation, the ladies of Weeekly were asked what goals they wanted to achieve. Lee Soojin answered, “I want to hear, ‘This type of image suits Weeekly too.’ As Weeekly has a wide variety of songs, I wonder what it’d be like for the public to fill their daily lives with a new Weeekly song every week. I want to gain the nickname ‘playlist-dol’ to represent that we can suit any playlist.”

Park Soeun added, “I want to gain the nickname ‘All-rounder-dols.’ If I’m to cautiously explain my goals, I want to try charting on Korean charts. As we receive a lot of love from overseas, we also want to rank on global charts.”

Jihan continued, “Weeekly’s universe has gradually been getting deeper since our debut. I think you can look at ‘Ven para’ as the point of ‘danger.’ Please look forward to the conclusion of this universe.”

Lastly, Weeekly made a promise to film a unique dance practice video if their “Ven para” music video hits 100 million views. They shared, “If we reach 100 million viewers, we will release a dance practice video from a sauna, because our choreography is so powerful and intense.”

Watch Weeekly’s music video for “Ven para” here!

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