Lee Ga Ryung Expresses Her Anger About Jun Soo Kyung And Moon Sung Ho's Relationship In

“Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce) 3” has shared new stills ahead of its upcoming episode!

Penned by famous makjang drama writer Im Sung Han (also known as Phoebe), “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)” is a multi-season drama about three women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s whose marriages fall apart when they discover their husbands are having affairs.


In the previous episode, Seo Ban (Moon Sung Ho) and Lee Si Eun (Jun Soo Kyung) made their relationship official during his surprise birthday party that had been prepared by Boo Hye Ryung (Lee Ga Ryung). Boo Hye Ryung couldn’t hide her disappointment, especially since she had been trying to win Seo Ban’s heart.

The newly released stills further depict Boo Hye Ryung’s anger about the unexpected turn of events. In the photos, Boo Hye Ryung, Lee Si Eun, and Sa Pi Young (Park Joo Mi) are talking at a cafe after work. It seems like a harmless chat at first, but the conversation naturally strays to Lee Si Eun and Seo Ban’s relationship.

Boo Hye Ryung expresses her anger about Lee Si Eun keeping their relationship in the dark, and Sa Pi Young is trying to control the mood and persuade Boo Hye Ryung to listen to the whole story first. Lee Si Eun carefully attempts to explain the situation, but Boo Hye Ryung, who has already been offended, keeps on pushing her into the corner with persistent questions. In the end, Lee Si Eun sums up her honest thoughts about Seo Ban. Sa Pi Young is understanding about the whole thing, but Boo Hye Ryung is steaming with jealousy.

To find out more about this interrogation scene, check out the next episode of “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce) 3” that will air on March 12 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Jun Soo Kyung in “Melting Me Softly“:

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