Han So Hee Discusses Her Role In “Soundtrack #1,” Working With Park Hyung Sik, Her Next Drama “Gyeongseong Creature,” And More

In a recent interview with Star News, Han So Hee opened up about winning an award at the Asian Artist Awards, her upcoming dramas, thoughts for her future self, and more!

Last year, Han So Hee drew praise for her role as Yoo Na Bi, a college student struggling with the confusing feelings of love in the drama “Nevertheless,” as well as her role as Yoon Ji Woo in “My Name.” She also won the Best Artist award at the 2021 Asian Artist Awards.

When discussing how different her roles in “Nevertheless” and “My Name” are, Han So Hee said that they were both challenges for her. She said, “I really wanted to show different sides of myself apart from my preexisting image. In that sense, ‘Nevertheless’ and ‘My Name’ are turning points for me. [They were] new experiences, attempts, and even challenges. I am even more glad that so many people liked them.”

She also talked about her friends’ reactions to her winning the AAA award. She said, “Everyone congratulated me as if they themselves had won the award. I think it is a valuable award above anything else because my fellow actors, who worked hard with me, and my friends, who always support me, were happier.”

Her upcoming music romance drama “Soundtrack #1” is slated to be released via Disney+ on March 23. She will play Lee Eun Soo, a fun and honest lyricist who isn’t afraid of speaking her mind. Han So Hee reflected fondly on her time filming with fellow cast member Park Hyung Sik. She said, “Eun Soo is a character whose personality is similar to mine, so I was able to film really comfortably and fully immerse myself more in the situation. I got much closer to Hyung Sik, who plays Sun Woo, although it was a brief time, so I remember us trying fun and various things while acting together.”

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Han So Hee will star in “Gyeongseong Creature” (literal title) alongside Park Seo Joon. Due to its historical themes, she shared that she is a bit nervous to film the drama. She explained, “Aside from ‘100 Days My Prince,’ it is my first time doing a historical drama, so I’m very worried, but I’m preparing with a good nervousness. It’s really an honor to make this project with such good seniors, and I am trying not to be lacking so that I can create good synergy within it. In particular, I am trying to broaden my perspective so my existence can harmonize well without awkwardness in unfamiliar situations in terms of clothing, manner of speech, and background.”

As it has already been five years since she debuted, Han So Hee was asked what she thinks her charm is. She responded, “I’m not sure what my charm is yet or what aspect of me [the public] looks upon fondly. Rather, it seems more difficult [to know] as the years go by. As much as [the public] looks fondly upon the side of me that even I don’t know well, I’m trying to fill up the time steadily and diligently as I have been doing until now.”

Han So Hee also talked about what kind of actress she wishes to be in the future by saying, “I want to more resolutely and carefully express the projects given to me as well as the characters and situations within them. Also, it won’t be easy, but I want to become an actress who knows how to enjoy the pressure that comes from the process.”

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