Watch: (G)I-DLE Takes “TOMBOY” 3rd Win On “M Countdown”; Performances By CRAVITY, Highlight, Brave Girls, And More

(G)I-DLE has won their third trophy with “TOMBOY”!

On the March 24 broadcast of Mnet’s “M Countdown,” (G)I-DLE’s “TOMBOY” and Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” were nominated for first place. (G)I-DLE took the win with 8,259 points to Stray Kids’ 5,030, winning their first “M Countdown” trophy with member Miyeon as the show’s host.

Minnie excitedly commented, “Thank you so much for letting us win a trophy at ‘M Countdown.’ Neverland [(G)I-DLE’s fan club]! You must’ve waited so long, but we’ve come out after working and preparing that much as well, so thank you so much for giving us lots of love. Thanks to Neverland, we got first place again! Thank you!”

Yuqi added, “This is (G)I-DLE’s first win after Miyeon became MC so we’re so happy. ‘M Countdown,’ thank you so much for always taking good care of Miyeon. Please take good care of (G)I-DLE in the future. Thank you Neverland!”

Finally, MC Miyeon shared, “It feels like a dream to get first place on ‘M Countdown’ that I’ve been hosting for over a year. To my members who’ve been through a lot, you’ve worked hard! Thank you so much. Thank you so, so much to Neverland who’ve given us first place and we will become a (G)I-DLE that always exceeds expectations! Please watch over us!”

Check out the group’s win and part-switch encore performance below!

This week’s performers included (G)I-DLE, Brave Girls, Highlight, CRAVITY, WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon, ASTRO’s Moonbin&Sanha, Kim Woo Seok, Rocket Punch, Weeekly, NMIXX, TEMPEST, WEi, TAN, Billlie, BLACK LEVEL, and Ryu Jung Woon.


Highlight – “DAYDREAM” + “Night Fog”

Brave Girls – “Thank You” + “Love Is Gone”

WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon – “BORN TO LOVE YOU”

ASTRO’s Moonbin&Sanha – “WHO”

Kim Woo Seok – “Switch”

CRAVITY – “Intro + Adrenaline”

Weeekly – “Ven para”

Rocket Punch – “CHIQUITA”

WEi – “Too Bad”

TEMPEST – “Bad News”


Billlie – “GingaMingaYo (the strange world)”


BLACK LEVEL – “Infection”

Ryu Jung Woon – “Raincloud”

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