Watch: GOT7’s Jinyoung, Sol Kyung Gu, Park Hae Soo, And More Dive Right Into The War Zone In

Upcoming spy movie “Yaksha: Ruthless Operations” has unveiled an action-packed teaser!

The film starring Sol Kyung GuPark Hae SooYang Dong GeunLee ElSong Jae Rim, and GOT7’s Jinyoung follows the Black Ops team, a secret operations team under the National Intelligence Service (NIS) led by the “Yaksha” in Shenyang, China, which is known as the biggest battleground for spies. The film will depict the battle between the Black Ops team, the special inspector prosecutor, and intelligence agents from various countries.

Sol Kyung Gu will take on the role of the “Yaksha” Ji Kang In, leading the Black Ops team through a secret intelligence operation in which the fate of Northeast Asia is at stake. His team members are Black Ops team member and veteran agent Chief Hong (Yang Dong Geun), senior Black Ops team member Hee Won (Lee El), bold Jae Gyu (Song Jae Rim), who is in charge of firearm and tactics, and the affectionate youngest team member Jung Dae (Jinyoung), who is in charge of various equipment. Park Hae Soo stars as Han Ji Hoon , a demoted prosecutor sent to monitor the team’s every move.

The newly released teaser starts with Han Ji Hoon being assigned to review the secret operations team that has been sending fake reports. Ji Kang In and Han Ji Hoon start off on the wrong foot, and they show bickering chemistry throughout the teaser. Ji Kang In demands, “You’re a spy sent from HQ, right?” Han Ji Hoon quips, “Is that your name for a secret inspector?”

Amid the ongoing tension, “D7” Ozawa (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi) makes an appearance, Ji Kang In describes him, saying, “He’s a Japanese spy disguised as a lobbyist. For espionage, he’s the best in Asia.” Ozawa and Ji Kang In are especially on twisted terms due to a bad history, and Ji Kang In even threatens him, saying, “This time, I’m going to skin you alive.”

War officially breaks out, and the caption reads, “The battle of spies begins.”  Incessant gunfights, car chases, and explosions will take fans for a thrilling ride.

Check out the full teaser below!

“Yaksha: Ruthless Operations” will be released via Netflix on April 8.

In the meantime, watch Park Hae Soo in “Chimera“:

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