Yoon Shi Yoon, Bae Da Bin, Oh Min Seok, And More Bring Together Their Huge Families For An Intriguing Marriage Scheme In New KBS Drama Poster

KBS2’s upcoming drama has released a jam-packed poster of their cast!

It’s Beautiful Now” is a new weekend drama about the three Lee brothers who grew up as part of a generation that avoids dating and marriage. Their parents and grandfather scheme to get them married off by offering their valuable apartment to the brother who can bring home a spouse first.

The new poster features two families of three generations and one family of four generations, showcasing the scale of this drama’s cast.

Oh Min Seok plays the eldest Lee brother Lee Yoon Jae who is a dentist known for his kind and painless treatments. Yoon Shi Yoon stars as middle Lee brother Lee Hyun Jae who is a successful divorce lawyer, while Seo Bum June plays the youngest brother Lee Soo Jae. Three generations of this family live under one roof, with their grandfather Lee Kyung Chul (Park In Hwan), and parents Lee Min Ho (Park Sang Won) and Han Kyung Ae (Kim Hye Ok). Although Lee Hyun Jae is the only brother to live on his own, he frequently finds himself summoned back to the home for “family meetings.”

One specific resident of Kyung Chul’s apartment who owes him big time is none other than his sister Kyung Soon (Sunwoo Yong Nyeo), who lives with four generations of her family. Although she had initially immigrated to the United States, the passing of her husband leads her back to her brother in Korea. After they go out of business in the United States, Kyung Soon’s son Choi Man Ri (Jung Heung Chae) and his wife Yoo Hye Young (Kim Ye Ryung) also return to Korea. Coming along with them are Kyung Soon’s grandson Choi Sung Soo (Cha Yeop), his wife Lee So Ra (Hyun Jyu Ni), and their children Ha Neul (Kim Hyo Kyung), Ba Da (Im Ye Jin) and Hae (Kim So Min).

Kyung Chul, Min Ho, and Kyung Ae find themselves jealous of Kyung Soon’s bustling family, so they begin to scheme ways to spark competition between the brothers. It doesn’t matter to them that their kids are doctors and lawyers, they just want them to hurry up and find wives so that their family can grow too. To do so, they offer up their valuable apartment to the first married couple.

The first woman on Hyun Jae’s radar is Hyun Mi Rae (Bae Da Bin), who also lives with three generations of her family. Along with her grandma Yoon Jung Ja (Ban Hyo Jung), there is her father Hyun Jin Heon (Byun Woo Min), mother Jin Soo Jung (Park Ji Young), and younger brother Hyun Jung Hoo (Kim Kang Min).

Mi Rae is a client who seeks out Hyun Jae’s legal services for an annulment after getting caught up in a marriage fraud scheme. This couple’s key point is just like the poster caption, which reads, “I gift you divorce and then we become a family?”

However, his brothers don’t fall far behind as Lee Yoon Jae keeps his sights on Shim Hae Joon (Shin Dong Mi), while Lee Soo Jae gets into a relationship with Na Yoo Na (Choi Ye Bin).

The production team commented, “There’s this word Go Hwe Ji Ga. It means, ‘The most beautiful gathering on earth is a gathering with your entire family.’ In ‘It’s Beautiful Now,’ many different families make their appearance. We will seek you out with a warm family story of creating ‘Go Hwe Ji Ga.’ We ask that you look forward to it and give us lots of attention.”

“It’s Beautiful Now” premieres on April 2 at 8 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Yoon Shi Yoon in “Train” below!

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