MIRAE’s Dohyun Apologizes To Billlie For Imitating Their Facial Expressions

MIRAE’s Dohyun has formally apologized to Billlie over a recent Naver V Live broadcast.

On April 4, several MIRAE members held a V Live broadcast during which they played various girl group songs, one of which was Billlie’s “GingaMingaYo (the strange world).” While dancing along to the song, Dohyun made a number of exaggerated facial expressions, which some perceived to be a mockery of the Billlie members’ original expressions while performing the song.


Two days later, on April 6, Dohyun posted a handwritten apology on MIRAE’s official Twitter account. The idol also took to V Live later on to personally read his apology out loud.

Dohyun’s full letter is as follows:

Hello, this is MIRAE’s Dohyun.

I would like to apologize regarding the on-the-way-home V Live broadcast from April 4.

First, I deeply apologize to the Billlie members. I also apologize to the many people who saw this video and felt uncomfortable.

I conveyed my apology to the Billlie members through my management agency, and I also plan to apologize directly.

I’m sorry that I have given many people cause for concern through my thoughtless behavior, and I will be more cautious and careful in all matters in the future. I will gladly accept all the criticism that has been made of me, who is still lacking in many ways. Once again, I apologize.


From MIRAE’s Yoo Dohyun

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