Watch: Chae Jong Hyeop Falls For Park Ju Hyun Who Is Completely Different From His Ideal Type In “Love All Play” Teaser

KBS has unveiled a new teaser for its upcoming drama “Love All Play”!

“Love All Play” is a sports romance drama about a badminton works team, starring Park Ju Hyun as Park Tae Yang, who only lives for sports, and Chae Jong Hyeop as Park Tae Joon, for whom sports is just work.

The teaser starts with Park Tae Joon spending time with his friends. One of them offers to set him up on a blind date and asks him what his ideal type is. Park Tae Joon explains, “As long as she’s not an athlete, it’s all good. A girl who’s too lazy to walk. A girl who’s too weak to even hold her own bag. [A girl who] seems like she’ll fall over if the wind blows and turns pale when it gets cold.”

As he meticulously describes the kind of girl he wants to date, the video shows glimpses of Park Tae Yang, who is far from his expectations. She’s a badminton player who burns with passion when it comes to the sport. She has a temper when she plays video games, and she knows how to give a good punch.

Despite that, Park Tae Joon falls himself falling for Park Tae Yang. They stand next to each other in their badminton uniforms, and the slightly awkward atmosphere between them raises anticipation for their unique chemistry.

The teaser goes on to show Park Tae Yang attempting to return to the badminton team after a long break. Yoon Jung Hwan (Kim Moo Joon) doesn’t hide his displeasure to see her, and he coldly demands, “What are you doing here?” The clip ends with Park Tae Yang smiling in satisfaction as she declares, “I got a job.”

“Love All Play” will premiere on April 20 at 9:50 p.m. KST. Watch the full preview below!

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