Watch: Lee Kwang Soo Searches For The Culprit Despite Seolhyun's Concern In

tvN’s “The Killer’s Shopping List” shared a new teaser!

Based on the novel of the same name by Kang Ji Young, “The Killer’s Shopping List” is a comedy-mystery thriller about an ordinary neighborhood on the outskirts of Seoul. When a mysterious body is found in the vicinity of an apartment building, a supermarket receipt becomes a key piece of evidence that kicks off an entertaining hunt for the killer.

Lee Kwang Soo will star in the drama as Ahn Dae Sung who was once considered a genius with impressive memorization skills. However, his life took a turn for the worse due to an incident that took place at his mom’s (Jin Hee Kyung‘s) supermarket when he was 10 years old. Seolhyun will star in the drama as Ahn Dae Sung’s girlfriend Do Ah Hee, a passionate police officer who has only had eyes for him from a very young age.

The teaser begins with Ahn Dae Sung asking, “Is there by any chance something that has gone missing from your house?” He rummages around a black plastic bag only to find snacks and a pair of stockings.

Another scene depicts Ahn Dae Sung meeting Do Ah Hee’s father (Park Chul Min). Ahn Dae Sung appears to be in a difficult situation as he tries to avoid getting hit by her father wielding a kendo sword. Do Ah Hee warns, “My dad says he’ll kill me if I meet you again.”

The teaser reveals clips of a lost slipper in the rain followed by a look at the crime scene in which someone has been strangled to death. Ahn Dae Sung experiments with a pair of stockings as he explains in the background, “[The murder suspect] might be a customer from our supermarket.”

Others try to dissuade him from pursuing the case by saying, “The police aren’t even looking, why should we be?” Ahn Dae Sung shares, “That’s not what’s important. We have to quickly find the culprit.” Do Ah Hee replies, “Who are you [to be the one looking]?” Back at the market, Ahn Dae Sung discovers a pill-shaped item similar to the ones found at the scene of the crime.

Much to Do Ah Hee’s concern, a voice narrates, “Being meddlesome might get Ahn Dae Sung killed,” as he is shown hilariously trying to scale an apartment wall with much difficulty. He points a kid’s toy bubble gun at someone and menacingly asks, “Who are you?”

Watch the full teaser below!

“The Killer’s Shopping List” will premiere on April 27 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

Check out another teaser here:

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