Kim Ji Won, Son Seok Gu, And Lee Min Ki Run Into An Unexpected Issue Out In The Fields In “My Liberation Notes”

JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes” released new stills from the upcoming episode!

The drama is about three siblings who want to escape their stifling lives and the events that unfold when a mysterious outsider comes to their town. It stars Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, and Lee El as the three siblings Yeom Mi Jung, Yeom Chang Hee, and Yeom Ki Jung and Son Seok Gu as the mysterious outsider Mr. Gu.


From the first episode, “My Liberation Notes” captivated viewers with its realistic characters and relatable story. As Mr. Gu spends his days drunk without having much to do, Yeom Mi Jung approaches him and tells him, “Please revere me,” taking their relationship to an interesting direction.

The newly released stills depict unexpected situations occurring to the three Yeom siblings. While working out on the fields, Yeom Chang Hee and Yeom Mi Jung look shocked out of their wits. Yeom Jae Ho (Cheon Ho Jin) and Kwak Hye Sook (Lee Kyung Sung) also wear surprised expressions. However, in contrast, Mr. Gu looks nonchalant, raising questions about what will occur out in the field.

Furthermore, Yeom Ki Jung will be reuniting with Jo Tae Hoon (Lee Ki Woo). Previously, after talking about her blind date who is a single dad behind his back, Yeom Ki Jung had turned around to see Jo Tae Hoon who is also clearly a single father. The two will meet again following their awkward first encounter. In the still, Jo Tae Hoon hesitates after spotting Yeom Ki Jung, leaving Yeom Ki Jung at a loss as to what to do next.

The upcoming episodes will depict a gradual change in Yeom Mi Jung as she and Mr. Gu become more and more intertwined. Although Yeom Mi Jung expresses interest in befriending Mr. Gu, he replies, “I don’t want to do anything. With people.” Yeom Ki Jung will also make a second attempt at going on a blind date, and Yeom Chang Hee will visit Mr. Gu at his house.

The next episode of “My Liberation Notes” will air on April 15 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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