Shin Dong Mi Is Totally Charmed By Oh Min Seok’s Drum Skills In “It’s Beautiful Now”

Shin Dong Mi will be completely smitten with Oh Min Seok in KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “It’s Beautiful Now”!

“It’s Beautiful Now” tells the story of three brothers who avoid dating and marriage until their parents and grandfather come up with an unusual scheme to marry them off: the family announces that their valuable apartment will go to whichever brother can bring home a spouse first.

Yoon Shi Yoon stars as middle child Lee Hyun Jae, a successful divorce lawyer, while Seo Bum June plays the Lee family’s youngest son Lee Soo Jae. Oh Min Seok stars as the eldest son Lee Yoon Jae, a skilled dentist known for his painless treatments, and Shin Dong Mi plays Shim Hae Joon, a famous divorce lawyer who is the CEO of Lee Hyun Jae’s law firm.


Lee Yoon Jae strongly claims that he has been in a relationship before, but his brothers believe otherwise. Due to his lack of experience in the love department, he’s pretty clueless when it comes to signals from women, and as shown in the previous episode, he’s not a very good blind date.

However, one person fell in love with the tactless Lee Yoon Jae, and that is none other than Shim Hae Joon. They started off on the wrong foot, but after he sweetly taught her how to floss, she started to see him in a different light. Despite her changed attitude, Lee Yoon Jae has no idea how she feels about him.

The newly released stills hint that Shim Hae Joon will fall even more head over heels for the tactless dentist. Under colorful lights, Lee Yoon Jae shows off his hidden drum skills, and Shim Hae Joon is completely stunned by his performance. Even her pupils dilate and her mouth is wide open, and she seems totally immersed in him.

In the preview for the next episode, Lee Yoon Jae’s blind date Na Young (Woohee) vows to date him, causing Shim Hae Joon to become infuriated. How did these three people even end up in the same place?

To see what happens, tune in to the next episode of “It’s Beautiful Now” on April 16 at 8 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, check out Shin Dong Mi in “Bossam: Steal the Fate” below:

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