ASTRO's Moonbin On The Film That Inspired His Exorcist-Themed Comeback With Sanha, Relating To Movie Villains, and More

In a recent interview and pictorial for Arena Homme Plus magazine, ASTRO’s Moonbin talked about his imagination and finding inspiration in pop culture!

Last month, Moonbin made a unit comeback with fellow ASTRO member Sanha—the duo released “REFUGE,” their second mini album as Moonbin&Sanha, on March 15. Explaining that he had actively participated in coming up with the concept for the album, Moonbin noted that many of his opinions had been reflected in the final result.

When asked about the source of his inspiration, he revealed, “I gain [inspiration] from movies or dramas. For example, I was inspired by Keanu Reeves’s exorcist character in the movie ‘Constantine,’ and I worked that into the album. When I see a character or scene that leaves an impression on me, I’ll express that through music.”

Before debuting as an idol, Moonbin got his start in the industry at an early age as a child model. Looking back on his childhood, he recalled, “When school ended, my everyday routine was driving an hour to Seoul for filming.”

When asked what kinds of acting roles he’d like to try playing in the future, Moonbin replied, “I’m someone who believes strongly in justice, but there are occasionally times when I understand villains in a movie. In the Marvel [Cinematic Universe], there are times when villains are just, and there are times when you want to root for them. I’m curious about [taking on] the role of a just villain who’s also somewhat like a psychopath.”

Moonbin also spoke about his hobby of writing, which he says helps him develop his imagination for performances. “Whether it’s as ASTRO or as Moonbin,” he said, “when I write, I’m always using my imagination to try and condense meanings into metaphors. That kind of imagination also helps me a lot on stage or when I’m acting.”

Watch Moonbin in his drama “Moments of 18” with subtitles below!

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