Watch: Lee Jin Wook And Lee Yeon Hee's Wedding Planning Is Anything But Smooth Sailing In New Drama Poster And Trailer

Lee Jin Wook and Lee Yeon Hee’s upcoming drama “Marriage White Paper” (literal translation) has released a second version of their poster and a new trailer!

Kakao TV’s original drama “Marriage White Paper” is a relatable romance starring Lee Jin Wook and Lee Yeon Hee as a couple in their thirties preparing for marriage. While they were expecting a happy ending like something out of a fairy tale, the reality of their preparations proves to be somewhat different.

Last week, the drama unveiled a blissfully romantic wedding poster of the couple. However, the production team also revealed that they would soon be releasing a realistic version, in addition to this fantasy version.

In the new realistic poster, the obstacles of wedding planning are highlighted. Seo Joon Hyung (Lee Jin Wook) and Kim Na Eun (Lee Yeon Hee) appear serious and deep in thought while standing in front of their lengthy wedding planning checklist. However, not only are most of the boxes untouched, many of their checklist items are listed as “FAILED.” With so much to prepare before their wedding, the caption reads, “Are marriages these days all like this?”

At the bottom of the previous poster, it read “The end of suffering, the beginning of happiness.” In the second version, the poster instead reads, “The end of happiness, the beginning of suffering.”

In addition to the two posters, “Marriage White Paper” shared a main teaser for the drama! The clip captures the stark differences between idealist groom Joon Hyung, who thinks of marriage only in terms of love, and realistic bride Na Eun, who thinks rational decisions are necessary for marriage. Their differences are evident in their wedding planning as Joon Hyung cries out, “Since I only marry once, let’s make it as cool as possible!” On the other hand, Na Eun comments, “Wedding plans must be done strategically within our budget.”

Although their differences were highlighted, the atmosphere between the two remained happy and romantic. However, that only lasts a moment as the spotlight suddenly shuts off and the couple is left in the dark. As the costs of their wedding continue to increase, the two appear to start butting heads. Eventually, their smiles are gone as they comment, “Dating is fantasy, and marriage is realistic.”

The producers shared, “We planned the two wedding posters, ‘Fantasy White Paper’ and ‘Realistic White Paper’ to showcase the two sides of marriage. While it’s a shining, beautiful, and happy event, there’s also a naked reality to it. Through the newlyweds’ conflict of marriage budget in the teaser clip, we captured the message that ‘Marriage White Paper’ wants to convey in an impactful way. This realistic drama that everyone can nod in relation to, regardless of age and gender, will find you on May 23. We ask that you look forward to it and give us lots of attention.”

“Marriage White Paper” premieres on May 23 and will air in 12 episodes that run for 30 minutes each on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

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