7 Tom-And-Jerry K-Pop Duos Whose Friendships Are Pure Comedy

One of the best parts about being a K-pop fan is getting to see the behind-the-scenes moments of music videos, photo shoots, variety shows, and more. Watching your favorite stars be their sweet and silly selves is awesome – and so is seeing their friendships blossom! These K-pop friendships are definitely the peak of hilarity, thanks to their Tom and Jerry-style antics. In no particular order, let’s begin!

1. NCT’s Taeyong and Doyoung

All it takes is one short vlog to get familiar with these two idols’ hilarious friendship. Taeyong may be the group’s leader and the older of the pair, but he definitely acts like the younger one here. The light-hearted bickering and dramatic antics are very typical for these two, even though their friendship is very close!

2. (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon and Shuhua

Miyeon is (G)I-DLE’s oldest member, and Shuhua is the group’s youngest – and both of them take full advantage of it! Miyeon often uses her older-sister privileges to spoil Shuhua, and Shuhua gets away with any pranks or teasing to her maknae status. They’ve even discussed their dynamic in past interviews!

3. Stray Kids’ Lee Know and Hyunjin

This Tom-and-Jerry duo is well-known among fans thanks to the infamous tissue story – Lee Know playfully threatens to stuff Hyunjin’s mouth full of tissues whenever they’re not getting along! That’s not the only creative solution for bickering (STAYs will remember the air fryer incident) that proves that these two have a hilarious friendship.

4. MAMAMOO’s Solar and Moonbyul

MAMAMOO has been a group for a long time, which means that Solar and Moonbyul have had years to get used to each other’s antics. Put two close friends with a funny love-hate relationship in a camper van, and, well – it’s a recipe for teasing, pranks, and other shenanigans that only work with a friendship like theirs!

5. TXT’s Yeonjun and Beomgyu

If you’ve heard one of Yeonjun’s raps, then chances are you’ve also heard the Beomgyu imitation – and you can’t get it out of your head! Imitating his lines is just one of the ways that Beomgyu likes to tease Yeonjun, and Yeonjun isn’t afraid to tease him right back. Plus they’re both super competitive, which only ups the ante!

6. ITZY’s Yeji and Ryujin

Yeji may be the leader of ITZY, but that doesn’t mean that Ryujin is afraid to tease her or play hilarious pranks! While their friendship seems chill and laid-back most of the time, their competitive sides definitely bring out the Tom-and-Jerry dynamic that keeps fans laughing all the time.

7. BTS’s Jin and Jungkook

Another Tom-and-Jerry pair made up of the oldest and youngest members of the group, BTS’s Jin and Jungkook are well known for their hilarious bickering and wild antics. From good-natured teasing to jokes played at the other’s expense, nothing is off-limits with these two – and it’s clear that it all comes from a place of friendship!

Are there any other idol duos that you would add to this list? Tell us below!

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