Watch: Jun So Min, Yum Jung Ah, And Kim Jae Hwa Describe Their 1st Impressions Of “Cleaning Up” And Why They Chose The Drama

“Cleaning Up” has released an interview with their three lead actresses Yum Jung Ah, Jun So Min, and Kim Jae Hwa!

A remake of the British television series of the same name, JTBC’s “Cleaning Up” will tell the story of three cleaners at a securities firm that attempt to forge a new destiny for themselves after accidentally overhearing some key information about insider trading.

Yum Jung Ah plays Eo Yong Mi, the hardworking mother of two young daughters who bears a huge sense of responsibility as her family’s breadwinner. Jun So Min stars as Ahn In Kyung, who is saving up to open her own moving café with a food truck, while Kim Jae Hwa plays Meng Soo Ja, a resourceful and deceptively charming cleaner who can befriend anyone who might be of use to her.

At the start of the interview, the three actresses introduce themselves and their characters. As the interview was done before their first script reading, all three stars revealed that they were most nervous for that.

The ladies also spoke about their friendships outside the drama, with Yum Jung Ah commenting, “Kim Jae Hwa and I met on [the set of] the [upcoming] film ‘Smuggling‘ [working title]. So to be honest, we have a very good, close relationship.” She continued, “I met our So Min for the first time through this drama and we will grow extremely close in the future.”

When asked how they felt when they were first cast, Yum Jung Ah hilariously shared, “Recently, for the past seven or eight years, I’ve only done JTBC dramas.” She added, “As soon as I got the script for ‘Cleaning Up,’ I read it until the end because it was so fun. I thought it was a project I couldn’t not do.”

Kim Jae Hwa continued, “It was so exciting and tense that I read [the script] so enjoyably so I couldn’t not think that I really want to do this drama and this role.”

Jun So Min commented, “First, I read the script so enjoyably because the set up was so original. Also, after hearing that my seniors [Yum Jung Ah and Kim Jae Hwa] were participating, I couldn’t say no.” Yum Jung Ah then hilariously chimed in, “We all couldn’t not do it.”

Finally, they ask viewers not to forget to tune into their drama.

Check out their full interview below!

JTBC’s “Cleaning Up” premieres on June 4 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!

While you wait, watch Yum Jung Ah’s last drama “SKY Castle” below:

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