Exclusive Interview: “Why Her?” Stars Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Yeop, And Bae In Hyuk Share First Impressions, What’s In Their Bags, And More

Along with the recent premiere, the main cast members of “Why Her?” took time for an exclusive interview with Soompi.

“Why Her?” is a mystery romance drama starring Seo Hyun Jin as Oh Soo Jae, a coldhearted lawyer at TK Law Firm who has grown empty after only chasing success, and Hwang In Yeop as law student Gong Chan who will do anything to protect her. Bae In Hyuk stars as the lonely law school student Choi Yoon Sang who is also the second son of TK Law Firm’s chairman Choi Tae Guk (Heo Joon Ho).

Check out our exclusive interview with Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Yeop, and Bae In Hyuk below!

What made you choose “Why Her?” as your next drama?

Seo Hyun Jin: I chose [“Why Her?”] because the script is gripping and since I thought that the character would suit whatever face she put on like a chameleon.

Hwang In Yeop: When I first came across the drama “Why Her?,” the title felt really novel and impactful, so it was a title I couldn’t forget. After first reading the script, the story of Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan felt so sad and beautiful to me, and I felt very charmed by the narrative of Gong Chan whose painful past connects to the present. Also, after greeting everyone though student characters in previous projects, I thought that I would be able to show a new side of myself that is a bit more mature and manly.

Bae In Hyuk: There was no reason to not choose the drama. First of all, the script is really interesting, and I decided on joining this drama because I think I will be able to show something different from the characters I have normally portrayed in the past.

How would you describe the atmosphere at the first script reading for “Why Her?” in one phrase? 

Seo Hyun Jin: It was chaotic. Since I had a lot of lines, I was busy doing my own thing. (laughs)

Hwang In Yeop: Perfect synergy.

Bae In Hyuk: Extremely nervous. I was too nervous, so that’s all I felt.

How were your first impressions of each other? How have your impressions changed?

Seo Hyun Jin: Hwang In Yeop is more soft than he appears, and Bae In Hyuk is full of aegyo (cuteness).

Hwang In Yeop: When I first saw Seo Hyun Jin, she was really beautiful. I was excited because I had always hoped to act with her. During the first filming, I was really nervous so I remember that I wasn’t even able to make proper eye contact with her. As we filmed more and more, she was always friendly and treated me warmly, and she was very considerate of me. Now, I act really comfortably with her, and I think I was able to learn a lot while acting with her.

Bae In Hyuk: My first impressions of everyone were great. They all greeted me brightly, and everyone was smiling. Since I am the youngest of the cast, I couldn’t even talk to anyone easily as it was difficult at first. It’s still difficult now, but the difference is that it has become more comfortable.

What dramas starring your co-stars did you enjoy watching in the past?

Bae In Hyuk: I mentioned it in another interview once, but I really enjoyed watching “Another Oh Hae Young” starring Seo Hyun Jin, so it was a great honor to work together with her. Out of In Hyeop’s projects, I enjoyed watching the drama “True Beauty.” I remember thinking that he made the character so charming when watching it.

Who brightens the atmosphere on set the most?

Seo Hyun Jin: Lee Jin Hyuk who plays Choon Poong. I can tell that he is approaching even from far away. He is such an energetic and bright person to the point that there are endless sounds of laughter and music coming from his waiting room. I think the atmosphere on set is bright thanks to that energy.

Hwang In Yeop: Seo Hyun Jin is so different from her character Oh Soo Jae when we’re not filming. She always leads the atmosphere on set, listens well to the concerns of the law school members including myself, and gives lots of advice, so she creates an atmosphere where we can all gain strength for filming.

Bae In Hyuk: I think Jin Hyuk who plays Choon Poong always brightens the atmosphere. There are more reasons to laugh when he is around, and I receive a lot of positive energy from him!

How did you study or prepare for this specific role?

Seo Hyun Jin: For the lawyer role, I looked up lots of videos of actual trials.There were dramatic elements added [“Why Her?”]. Real trials actually don’t seem to be as intense. (laughs)

Hwang In Yeop: Because I play a law school student, my lines included a lot of vocabulary on law and lawsuits. As there was a lot of hard vocabulary in my lines, before simply memorizing the script, I looked up the exact meanings of the unfamiliar legal vocabulary and in exactly what situations the words are used before looking at the script.

What was especially difficult about your role in this drama?

Hwang In Yeop: I worked hard to understand Gong Chan’s past situation, that pain, and his current feelings a bit more deeply. I talked a lot with the director and scriptwriter about the character Gong Chan. I also read the script over and over again numerous times, putting in effort to thoroughly understand the pain of Gong Chan’s past and his current state.

How is your actual personality similar and different from your character’s personality?

Seo Hyun Jin: A similarity is that we both don’t really talk about our concerns with other people. I think everything else is different.

What should international fans look out for when watching this drama?

Hwang In Yeop: Our drama is a mystery law romance, so amidst an incessant storm of incidents, [the drama] also depicts Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan’s romance. I think everyone will be able to simultaneously feel the tension of a thriller genre and the charm of a heart-fluttering romance.

What is a job you haven’t acted out yet that you would like to try for your next role?

Seo Hyun Jin: There is no [specific] occupation I’m hoping to take on. A thought that suddenly came to mind is that I don’t think I’ve tried any boyish roles, so I want to try a role like that.

Bae In Hyuk: I want to try playing a school teacher.

What kind of hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?

Seo Hyun Jin: To be honest, I don’t really have hobbies. I enjoy acting the most, so I think it’s a relief that acting is my job.

Bae In Hyuk: Unfortunately, I don’t have time for any special hobbies because I am so busy with filming. However, because I like cars, I watch car videos and reviews often when waiting [during filming], so in a way I guess that’s also somewhat of a hobby.

What is a title you would like to gain after “Why Her?” ends?

Hwang In Yeop: An actor to anticipate.

What are some must-have items that you always carry in your bag?

Seo Hyun Jin: I have a lot. [I carry] hand sanitizer, cuticle oil, sticky notes, a pen, and more.

Bae In Hyuk: My wallet and lip balm.

What was your favorite drama of 2021?

Bae In Hyuk: I enjoyed watching the drama “Our Beloved Summer” starring Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi.

Fill in the blanks – My most fatal charm is ______. I look the coolest when I ______. I’m disappointed in myself when ______. A song I enjoy listening to these days is ______.

Bae In Hyuk: My most fatal charm is [my diverse image]. I look the coolest when I [concentrate on my work]. I’m disappointed in myself when [I’m unable to achieve what I want]. A song I enjoy listening to these days is [Exhibition’s “Etude of Memory”].

What fashion items do you use most often?

Seo Hyun Jin: I’m not interested [in fashion] to the extent that there is a fashion item I use often. (laughs) I think these days I tend to buy basic items.

Bae In Hyuk: Hmm.. Jacket and zip-up hoodies.

What emoticon do you use most frequently?

Bae In Hyuk: 

What is the most memorable comment you have read about yourself?

Seo Hyun Jin: It’s hard to choose because I try not to read comments. However, I want to become an actress who acts for a long time and ages together [with viewers].

What are your plans for the rest of the year after “Why Her?” ends?

Bae In Hyuk: I’m currently filming for the drama “Cheer Up” (literal title) and the film “Ditto.” I’m planning on greeting viewers through various projects this year, so please look forward to it!

To conclude, what is your TMI (too much information) of the day?

Bae In Hyuk: When I left my house today, my phone battery was at 3 percent!

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