Moon Ga Young Becomes Suspicious Of Lee Bom’s Sudden Change In Attitude In “Link”

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Link” has shared an intriguing peek of its upcoming episode!

A unique mix of fantasy, romance, and mystery, “Link” tells the story of a man who suddenly begins feeling all the emotions experienced by an unfamiliar woman with whom he shares a special “link.” Moon Ga Young stars as restaurant employee Noh Da Hyun, who has been unlucky in both love and life, while Yeo Jin Goo stars as Eun Gye Hoon, an executive chef whose everyday life is turned upside down when he unexpectedly begins going through all of Noh Da Hyun’s joy, sorrow, and pain together with her.


Previously, it was revealed that Lee Eun Jung (Lee Bom) is none other than the sister of Noh Da Hyun’s stalker Lee Jin Geun (played by Shin Jae Hwi). She hasn’t been able to contact, and she’s been searching for his whereabouts. However, one day, she recognized Noh Da Hyun who had been on Lee Jin Geun’s social media and deliberately approached her.

She then got a job as a chef at Jihwa Western Cuisine, and when she met Noh Da Hyun there, she greeted her warmly, and they quickly became close friends. However, her suspicious nature raises questions, such as if she really is Lee Jin Geun’s sister and how she’ll get revenge against Noh Da Hyun.

The newly released stills capture Lee Eun Jung secretly following Noh Da Hyun at night. Noh Da Hyun quickens her steps, but after noticing something is off, she spins around. However, she’s met with nothing but eerie silence.

More photos depict Noh Da Hyun’s mother Hong Bok Hee (Kim Ji Young) and Lee Eun Jung in a physical fight, and they suddenly look up with wide eyes. Noh Da Hyun’s expression is dark unlike usual, and she pins Lee Eun Jung with a firm gaze, increasing curiosity about what happened between them.

The next episode of “Link” will air on June 21 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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