Jung So Min Thanks Kim Ji Suk For Touching Gift That Proves Just How Well He Knows Her

Kim Ji Suk touched Jung So Min’s heart with a sweet gift and thoughtful show of support!

On June 20, Jung So Min took to Instagram to reveal that Kim Ji Suk had sent a coffee truck to the set of her new drama “Alchemy of Souls”—along with an affectionately written “User’s Guide to Jung So Min” that proved just how well he knew his former co-star.

Kim Ji Suk’s adorably “helpful” message to the “Alchemy of Souls” cast and crew reads as follows:

The User’s Guide to Jung So Min, according to Ji Suk

1. The first scene can sometimes be difficult… her eyes get swollen like a newborn baby’s…

2. She’s allergic to dust… please use a humidifier [for her sake]…

3. She’ll doze off from time to time during shoots, but her ears are always open.

4. When she burst out laughing, don’t be surprised if you get a full view of her uvula..

5. She gets eight times colder than other people. Please give her heat packs.

6. When it gets past 10 o’clock at night, please give her food. Just give her food.

7. She’s an INFJ [MBTI personality type]. The Advocate. She wants everything and everyone to be peaceful.

From Kim Ji Suk

Meanwhile, the banner at the top of the truck hilariously reads, “So Min, don’t stand there debating [what to get], and just choose two drinks! From Kim Ji Suk.”

Posting photos of the coffee truck and Kim Ji Suk’s sweet message, Jung So Min nostalgically looked back on their time filming the romance drama “Monthly Magazine Home” together.

The actress wrote, “Kim Ji Suk’s coffee truck that really touched me 3000. First, I was moved by the thought: ‘That’s right… for eight months, I worked together with an oppa who knew me well and was this considerate of me..!’ And then I was moved (?) once again by the brutal honesty. Thank you; thanks to you, it was a day that suddenly filled me with strength.”

Watch Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min in “Monthly Magazine Home” with subtitles below!

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