Brave Girls’ Agency Demands Apology + Threatens Legal Action Against Shaman Claiming To Have Told Eunji’s Fortune

Brave Entertainment has threatened legal action against a shaman who claimed to have told Brave Girls’ Eunji’s fortune.

Last month, content channel babayo premiered a program called “Idols Picked by the Gods: Find the 2nd Brave Girls!” In the program, shaman Man Yeon Dang claimed that before Brave Girls’ breakout success due to their song “Rollin'” belatedly climbing back up the charts, Eunji had sought him out to have her fortune told. He also alleged that when everyone else told her to give up on her career as an idol, he was the only one who predicted that she would soon make it big, telling her, “You’re going to buy a house soon, so wait.”

On June 24, Brave Entertainment released an official statement clarifying that Eunji had never even met Man Yeon Dang in person and that his claims were entirely false. The agency also demanded a public apology from the shaman, explaining that they were concerned about not only damage to Eunji’s reputation, but also the possibility of further victims who might believe his story.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is Brave Entertainment.

First, we sincerely thank you for giving your interest and love to our artist.

As shaman Man Yeon Dang has claimed that he told the fortune of our artist, Brave Girls member Eunji, we are making a statement out of concern that there will be secondary damages to other victims or that our artist will suffer damage to her reputation.

We recently came across the program “Idol Picked by the Gods” on the OTT platform babayo, and in Episode 1, “Find the 2nd Brave Girls!”, the shaman Man Yeon Dang states that he told Brave Girls member Eunji’s fortune and that he predicted their belated rise to fame. We then checked with the artist herself regarding the truth. We learned that [his claims] are false and groundless, as Eunji has never even met Man Yeon Dang, and we confirmed that shaman Man Yeon Dang is spreading falsehoods.

Therefore, out of concern for the psychological damage to our artist and the possibility of secondary damages to people who are supporting our artist with innocent hearts, we are requesting a public apology from shaman Man Yeon Dang. We are also announcing that if the spreading of falsehoods continues, we will respond with strong legal action.

Through regular monitoring, our agency will continue to take strong action against the spread of falsehoods and the creation of false rumors about our artist, and we will do our utmost to protect our artist.

Thank you. 

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