7 Family-Friendly K-Dramas To Watch With Your Parents

When you come across a K-drama that you can watch with your family, especially your parents, it’s always fun to talk about it while watching the show. And in the process, you can become closer. Your comfort level in regards to watching dramas with your parents is obviously different for everyone, but there are certain family K-dramas that do not have too many scenes that would make either party uncomfortable. Here are some family-friendly K-dramas to check out with your parents!

List is in no particular order.

1. “Father Is Strange

“Father Is Strange” stars Kim Young Chul and Kim Hae Sook as mother and father to three daughters and one son. The family is thrown for a loop when Ahn Joong Hee (Lee Joon) shows up to the house one day, stating that he thinks he is the son of Byun Han Soo (Kim Young Chul) and is part of the family.

“Father Is Strange” is a weekend family K-drama that has undoubtedly stood the test of time. At this point, it’s considered a classic, and anyone who wants a funny, heartfelt series that delves into the dynamics between family members should definitely watch this one. The series is a whopping 52 episodes, but you’ll become invested from the very start. It won the Grand Prize at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards, which was very well-deserved! This series will tug at the heartstrings of any family member you watch it with.

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2. “Hello Me!”

Ban Ha Ni (Choi Kang Hee) is 37 years old and hasn’t had much luck with love and jobs. She works hard and is generally positive, but she is finding it difficult to continue on living this way. One magical day, she comes in contact with her 17-year-old self. Younger Ban Ha Ni (Lee Re) is surprised to see how awful her life has become, and she tries to help her older self get her life on track.

This healing series is good for any age and any family member. It has scenes where you and your parents will be laughing out loud and also be moved to tears. The series is about so much – self-love, acceptance, dreams, innocence, and that it’s never too late to figure things out and discover who you are. The emotional rollercoaster that you and your parents will go on through Ha Ni’s journey will be so wholesome and genuine that you’ll fall in love with everything about it!

3. “Terius Behind Me”

Jung In Sun plays Go Ae Rin, a single mother of twins whose husband passes away. She comes to lean on her next door neighbor Kim Bon (So Ji Sub) as he helps her by chance and even comes to help take care of her kids. They eventually work together to figure out a conspiracy with which her late husband was a part of.

Although the synopsis doesn’t seem like it would be too family-friendly, the interactions with the main leads and the children are really what sets this apart and make it a family-friendly series. You have the added bonus of seeing some adorable twins being their charming selves, and I also can’t forget to mention how hilarious and adorable it is to see So Ji Sub trying his best to look after them for a lot of the series. You and your parents will surely laugh and be enthralled with the action parts as well as moved by the family and love parts!

4. “Five Enough”

In “Five Enough,” Ahn Jae Wook plays Lee Sang Tae, a widow who is left looking after his two children. He lives with his in-laws as they help raise the children. He meets Ahn Mi Jung (So Yoo Jin), whose husband had an affair, but she is unable to tell her children the truth about their father, so she lies to them. Sang Tae and Mi Jung do not expect it, but they end up falling in love with each other.

Another weekend drama and one that is 54 episodes in length, “Five Enough” is a series that will leave a lasting impression on you and your parents. First off, the series is about single parents who are trying their hardest to provide for their families. There are so many endearing and emotional side stories that you and your parents will definitely get invested in. And the cast is unbelievably good. Everyone should find themselves getting emotionally into the story until the end!

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5. “Racket Boys”

Starring Tang Jun Sang, Son Sang Yeon, Choi Hyun Wook, Oh Na Ra, and Son Sang Yeon, “Racket Boys” is a series about young students living in a small town, dreaming of becoming successful badminton players. In order to fulfill their dreams, the boys train hard to compete on a national level while also going through the pangs of growing up.

The retro vibes of this series and adorable characters make this series a delightful watch. You see the progression of a badminton team and the competitions they go on, and you really start to root for them as they are an underdog team. It’s interesting to see where each character comes from and how important this game is to them. Family members will all find themselves relating to one or more of the characters and wanting the team to win; it will be fun to cheer them on as a family!

6. “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”

Goo La La (Go Ara) is a pianist who has lived a very comfortable and lavish life. Her dad passes away tragically, leaving her penniless and alone. She heads off to a small town in hopes of meeting someone who will help her, but ends up running into Sun Woo Joon (Lee Jae Wook). He becomes her knight in shining armor, doing everything he can to make sure she gets back on her feet.

This series has a lighthearted feel despite the tragic events that occur in the beginning with the death of La La’s father. Seeing La La so optimistic, bright, and positive about trying to get back on her feet is so encouraging and inspiring to watch. She doesn’t let the momentary difficult times drag her down, but instead she perseveres, which is a beautiful message. The piano playing and meeting of new people who live in the neighborhood also provide such a warm vibe that parents and people of any age will find healing and comfort in this drama.

7. “Reply 1988

Sung Duk Sun (Hyeri) and Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum) have been best friends since they were kids. They hang out together all the time and are super comfortable around each other, which is why it’s only natural that Choi Taek ends up falling for Duk Sun. The difficult part about this situation is that their mutual friend Jung Pal (Ryu Jun Yeol) also has feelings for Duk Sun.

Any of the “Reply” series would be fun to watch with the whole family including your parents. They all place a big emphasis on friendships and family before any kind of romance, which is perfect for a family to watch together. But out of all of the “Reply” series, “Reply 1988” is the one that most family members would overall enjoy together. There is always some excitement seeing the dynamics between the family members and group of tight-knit friends. Additionally, because the series is set in the ’80s, parents may enjoy this trip down memory lane, igniting feelings of nostalgia.

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Hey Soompiers, which family-friendly K-dramas have you watched with your parents? Let me know in the comments below!

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