5 Jessi Lyrics To Listen To When You Need A Self-Esteem Boost

Jessica Ho, also known as Jessi, is a Korean-American rapper and singer-songwriter who has been on the music scene since 2005. She joined the first season of the hip hop competition show “Unpretty Rapstar” in 2015 and finished second. Her participation put her in the spotlight, after which she released “Ssenunni,” her first-ever rap single.

A couple of years later, Jessi released her first EP “Un2verse” with “Gucci” as the title track. Fast forward to 2019, Jessi joined PSY’s music label P NATION, making her the first artist signed under the company. In the past three years, she released seven singles, one mini album, a handful of collaborations, and a couple of soundtracks. She also took part in many television shows, one of her most notable works being “Jessi’s Showterview” where she was the main host. Jessi’s dominant songwriting style revolves around self-assertiveness, confidence, and a badass attitude.

With the recent news of her leaving her now-former label after the expiration of her contract, here is an exhibit of lyrics written by Jessi while under P NATION that you can listen to when you need a self-esteem boost.


“I’m still Jessi from the block (still)
You know I got the keys to the lock
Fuck what they think, I just do me
Everybody standing on their toes to see me
Wake up, blessed
Looking, fresh
Anytime I flex, got that S on my chest
Psy oppa gave me the green light
So I ain’t gotta be behave
No red lights HO, like the Olympic freeway”

Despite joining a new company at the time of the song’s release, in “NUNU NANA” Jessi remains true to herself and her style. She even clarifies that PSY allowed her to write and perform her music as she sees fit. Creative freedom is always appreciated in any art form, and it’s gratifying to vividly experience Jessi’s from a single listen to her title track.

2. “Who Dat B”

“Gossip gossip, as if it’s the truth
As if that’s everything, they all talk
I have no desire to adjust myself
To people I’m uncomfortable with, I’ll just be a bitch

The B-word is usually used as an insult, but Jessi is way ahead of the gossip and proudly claims it as an attitude. In “Who Dat B,” the rapper clearly states that she is going to stay true to herself even if it makes others uncomfortable. Hip hop has always been about spitting the truth in rhymes, and it looks like Jessi is staying true to the rap game as well with her sharp flow.

3. “What Type of X”

“Yeah, I’m different, and it’s not a crime (It’s not a crime)
Yeah, only God can judge me, you don’t live my life (You don’t)
Oh oh, I ain’t gotta be the one, be the one just for you
You can hate on the game, but don’t hatе the one playin’
Do you really wanna tеst me!?”

It’s easier to judge people than to put oneself in their shoes. Jessi is aware she’s different, and she doesn’t need anyone’s approval to live her life as she pleases. Plus, she’s made peace with the fact that she doesn’t have to be everyone’s cup of tea. Witnessing similar self-assertive lyrics may have been a novelty before, but it is slowly but surely becoming a norm as it should!

4. “ZOOM”

“I see you lookin’ at my P-I-C (I know)
You can stretch it, stretch it, stretch, stretch it out
I know you like what you see (Ayy)
Zoom in (Uh-huh), zoom out (Okay)
Zoom in (Uh-huh), zoom out (Okay)
Zoom in (Uh-huh), zoom out (Okay)
Baby, shocked starin’ like a hawk gawkin’ at me, ow
Oh my God, I’m such a catfish

With this title track being her last under the label, Jessi is not only confident about her character but also about her looks. A first glance, the lyrics might be understood as a simple case of boasting one’s vanity, but a further look reveals the self-assurance behind proudly embracing one’s physical beauty.

5. “GANJI” (with PSY)

“PSY oppa told me to speak Korean properly
I just answer and do whatever I want
I ain’t gotta try It’s just my natural ganji
I haven’t even gotten married yet, but look at my ring

They sparkle a lot more than y’all average peeps, ya”

Jessi’s assertiveness knows no boundaries. Even when she’s teased about her Korean, she still uses the language to write her lyrics and rhymes them perfectly. Her dedication to her career as well as her mother tongue is quite heartwarming, as she is successfully bringing her inner American self to the Korean scene with finesse. On top of being self-assured, this rapper has ganji (swag) in abundance!

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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