Exclusive Interview: TWICE’s Mina Opens Up About Doing A Photo Shoot While Bare-Faced And Shares Her Favorite Skincare Tips

2022 has been a whirlwind of a year for TWICE. From becoming the first K-pop girl group to headline a stadium concert in the United States to their long-awaited contract renewals, and now, preparations for their 11th mini album “BETWEEN 1&2,” the powerhouse act show no signs of stopping. Between their concerts and busy schedules, Japanese member Mina — known for her flawless visuals — also found the opportunity to step into an exciting new role as a global brand ambassador of luxury skincare brand SK-II.

Last month, SK-II celebrated World PITERA™ Day with Mina, along with several of Japan’s leading actresses and models, dedicated to the brand’s patented PITERA™ extract, a key ingredient in its iconic lineup of products. To commemorate the occasion, Soompi spoke to the iconic TWICE singer about her skincare journey, participating in her first bare-faced photoshoot, and her best skincare tips.

“My daily skincare routine is not too complex actually! Every morning and night, after cleansing and toning my face, I will pat the PITERA™ Essence into my skin,” Mina tells Soompi, emphasizing the importance of using a patting motion when applying skincare products. “It refreshes me!”

Idol life isn’t all butterflies and roses. Behind every beautifully shot music video is hours in the makeup chair before even stepping on set, countless takes in front of the camera and nights of practice and rehearsals — and that doesn’t even come close to the pandemonium that goes down during promotional schedules and tours. With a lifestyle as hectic as Mina’s, the K-pop idol reveals her golden rules when it comes to maintaining her flawless complexion.

“My skin generally looks great in the morning but gets dry and irritated as the day goes on, especially when I have makeup on for a long time. I used to notice that my skin at night was very different from my skin in the morning,” Mina confesses. “After a long day of rehearsals and after taking off my makeup after a late performance, I would always feel conscious about how my face looks.”

Drawing from the experience of her ambassadorship with SK-II, the TWICE star has picked up tidbits of information on the science of skincare and aging, and Mina is more than willing to impart some of her valuable knowledge. “A woman’s skin condition fluctuates greatly within a day, even looking almost 10 years older,” she shares, adding that she had been shocked to learn this through the PITERA™ 24/7 Skin Fluctuation Study.

“But since using the PITERA™ Essence, I can really see that my skin has stabilized, and I no longer have to worry about the condition of my skin,” Mina tells Soompi. With this newfound confidence in her skin, Mina stepped into her first-ever bare-faced photo shoot in her career as part of SK-II’s “Late Night Portraits” project. “It was certainly an unusual experience to be photographed at night without makeup,” she confesses, revealing that the shoot had been held after a long day of scheduled activities in a backstage corridor.

“But even though I was expecting to be nervous, when the cameras started clicking, I felt very much at ease knowing that my skin fluctuations have been stabilized by PITERA™,” Mina shares proudly. “Even late at night, my skin remained crystal clear.”

On top of her regular usage of SK-II’s PITERA™ Essence, the star reveals, prioritizing hydration is the key to maintaining healthy skin, while the additional use of face masks can help ensure that her skin is that its very best before any special events.

Mina: Remember to always keep your skin hydrated! Drink lots of water and make time for sufficient rest, these are simple and easy ways to improve your health and keep your skin healthy.

“I make sure I keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, before and after bed,” says the singer, explaining one of her golden rules of skincare, and those closest to her couldn’t agree more.

“The people around me, such as makeup artists and other TWICE members, also constantly tell me that it’s important to moisturize.”

On the topic of her bandmates, Mina shares that all nine members of the beloved girl group are skincare maestros in their own right. “All the members are experts in their own way,” she says. “We are all interested in skincare and always share with each other skincare tips and tricks to keep our skin in tip-top condition!”

Toward the end of our interview, Mina takes a moment to share a special message to Soompi readers. “Hello Soompi fans, hope everyone is well and safe!” she says, adding, “I look forward to meeting everyone in person soon, wherever you are.”

Photo Credit: SK-II

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