Watch: “Emergency Declaration” Starring Im Siwan, Lee Byung Hun, And More Drops Ominous Special Trailer

Emergency Declaration” has dropped an eerily somber special trailer!

Directed by Han Jae Rim, upcoming disaster film “Emergency Declaration” follows the unprecedented calamities that arise when terrorist threats are made against an impending flight. The film stars Song Kang HoJeon Do YeonLee Byung HunKim Nam GilIm Siwan, Kim So Jin, and Park Hae Joon.

Song Kang Ho plays In Ho, a veteran detective who investigates the threats, while Jeon Do Yeon portrays Sook Hee, a general working at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation. Lee Byung Hun stars as the concerned father Jae Hyuk who’s onboard to go get treatment for his sick daughter.

Kim Nam Gil plays Hyun Soo, the vice-captain and first officer of duty for the airplane, and Im Siwan plays mysterious plane passenger Jin Seok. Park Hae Joon portrays Tae Soo, the head of the government’s crisis management center, while Kim So Jin plays flight attendant Hee Jin.

In the new special trailer, the story begins with detective In Ho rushing to answer a phone call. He’s unable to reach whoever is on the other line, but it is so urgent that he stands out in the pouring rain while waiting.

On the plane, the passengers start to clue in that something’s wrong and Jae Hyuk asks, “That guy did some kind of terrorist attack?” As mysterious situations continue to arise onboard, people on land start stepping up to assist the passengers amidst the traumatic experience.

Later, Jae Hyuk watches the initial threat video made by fellow passenger Jin Seok, who later tells everyone with a soft smile, “I want all the people on this plane to die.”

While the first “Emergency Declaration” trailers mainly focused on the chaos and commotion of the disaster, this special trailer takes a deeper and more somber route as it captures everyone doing their share in stopping Jin Seok and saving the plane’s passengers. At the end of the trailer, pilot Hyun Soo comments, “We cannot hold out any longer. I declare an emergency.”

Check out the special trailer here!

“Emergency Declaration” hits theaters across Korea on August 3. Watch another trailer here!

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