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THE BOYZ successfully wrapped up their first world tour “THE B-ZONE”!

Earlier in May, THE BOYZ kicked off their world tour with a concert in Los Angeles, and the boy group went to hold concerts in a total of 11 different cities, returning to Seoul to hold three nights of encore concerts at the KSPO Dome from August 5-7.

On August 7, THE BOYZ held a press conference ahead of their last concert, which marked the grand finale for their world tour. During the press conference, the members talked about their excitement for the concert and shared their thoughts on wrapping up their first world tour.

The press conference began with Kevin sharing, “It’s an honor to have entered KSPO Dome, which is a dream stage for idols, through the Seoul encore concert that wraps up our world tour, and it was exhilarating to hear the screams from THE B (THE BOYZ’s official fan club). I’m full of excitement ahead of our final concert.”

Sunwoo compared the differences of preparing for a concert and an album. He explained, “While preparing for the concert, we thought a lot about how to fill up a large stage. These are very small things like movements and facial expressions. I thought that we need to do movements and gestures one and a half times bigger than what we do for the cameras at music show broadcasts to convey [the same level of performance] to fans at the concert. Now I think our movements and gestures will be captured even better on camera.”

On what they enjoyed about touring 11 different cities, Juyeon remarked, “Rather than saying one is the best, all 11 cities were amazing. Since the languages they all speak are different, we communicated through music.” He added how grateful he was that many fans in different cities still sang their songs in Korean.

Sunwoo added that one of the greatest charms of going on a world tour was how he felt connected through the love and support the group and THE B shared despite their different languages. Younghoon elaborated, “The cheering is different in each city. Each city [cheered] in such a fun way.”

When asked to share brag-worthy highlights of THE BOYZ’s concert, Sangyeon remarked, “First of all, if you come to THE BOYZ’s concert, you’ll lose weight because we have fun jumping around together. We hold our concerts for over three hours, and that creates great results for dieting. He also shared on their upcoming goal, “We are making a comeback on August 11. After wrapping up our concert, we will focus on our comeback and participate in music show broadcasts.”

Regarding the group’s worldwide popularity, Ju Haknyeon shared, “THE BOYZ’s greatest strength is teamwork, and THE B also have great teamwork [to reflect that]. No matter where we go abroad, we hear cheers in Korean, which is very touching.” Ju Haknyeon also expressed his desire to perform at a bigger concert hall like Gocheok Sky Dome next time.

On a question discussing THE BOYZ’s difficult road to success, New explained, “There were a lot of hardships, but there was that much happiness. I think our team is one, which is why we were able to overcome everything and arrive at this point. That’s why I think we are a team with an even more exciting future ahead. We will mature even more while staying true to our initial resolutions and head toward bigger stages while working hard to practice.” Younghoon also thanked THE B for being the reason for the group enduring until the end.

The final concert kicked off with a powerful performance of THE BOYZ’s most-recent comeback track “MAVERICK.” Not only did THE BOYZ showcase spectacularly synchronized teamwork, but they also had amazing stage presence and captivated THE B with witty and affectionate remarks. In addition to their hit songs such as “No Air,” “The Stealer,” and “D.D.D,” the group impressed with performances of B-side tracks such as “Whiplash,” “Dancing Till We Drop,” and more. The group also performed their new fan song “Timeless” for the first time at the concerts after showcasing the heartwarming music video for the track. The fan song is a part of THE BOYZ’s upcoming album “BE AWARE,” which will be released on August 16.

In addition to having great chemistry with each other, THE BOYZ also bantered easily with THE B, constantly expressing their love and gratitude. Ju Haknyeon joked, “Today, we might not [send you home] depending on how you all do.” Not to mention, THE BOYZ portrayed their fun and chaotic energy as Younghoon left the iconic quote, “Idols can’t escape [the fate of] wearing school uniforms,” which left the crowd cheering his name. Sunwoo remarked, “I saw someone’s [sign] that said they would give me 7 billion won (approximately $5.4 million), but the other side said 7,000 won (approximately $5.40).”

As the concert neared its end, the members performed their second-to-final song “Giddy Up,” which segued into a high-energy and dynamic encore with fans excitedly jumping along to a never-ending chorus (repeated a whopping 10 times – Sangyeon was not joking!). Despite the members reaching their physical limits, the encouragement from the audience successfully led to THE BOYZ always meeting THE B’s requests for just “one more time.”

Finally, the members reluctantly began their tearful closing remarks. Kevin, who prepared a touching letter, shared, “I’m the happiest when I perform on stage in front of everyone,” highlighting his hopes that everyone finds their own great sense of achievement in their lives. Sangyeon conveyed his gratitude to THE B and his members for not giving up as well as hopes for Eric to join them next time.

Sunwoo honestly shared, “I didn’t even know what this company was,” explaining that he only auditioned as practice to audition for a different company. However, Sunwoo confessed that he couldn’t help but fall for the members after seeing them dance, bringing him to be where he is now.

Hyunjae touched upon THE BOYZ overcoming hardships and eventually achieving success through “The Road to Kingdom” and “Kingdom: Legendary War,” while Younghoon began to tear up the moment he heard fans wish him a happy birthday. Although he could barely read the letter he prepared, Younghoon still mustered up all he had to express his sincere gratitude toward the fans.

Juyeon thanked fans for making his dreams of becoming an idol a reality, while Ju Haknyeon shared that he’ll repay the love he has received over multiple lifetimes, loving fans even more. Q talked about wanting to become more honest with THE B, saying that he was used to feeling an “emptiness.” Nevertheless, Q remarked, “Today, I don’t think I’ll feel empty,” explaining that this was due to the great amount of love he received.

Jacob expressed his gratitude to the parents of THE BOYZ members and thanked THE B for being their safe place. Finally, New thanked fans for the love he’s received from THE B, which outweighs any negative misunderstandings he has also received in life.

Moving on to their performance of “Daydream,” THE BOYZ concluded a night of unforgettable performances and sweet and sincere heart-to-heart moments with THE B through their music.

Congratulations to THE BOYZ for successfully wrapping up their first world tour!

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