Sung Dong Il Uses Harsh Truths To Uplift Kwon Sang Woo In Upcoming Comedy Drama

“X of Crisis” (literal title) has shared new stills of Sung Dong Il and Kwon Sang Woo!

Based on a book titled “It Hurts Because I’m a Middle-Aged Man” (literal title), wavve’s upcoming original drama “X of Crisis” is a cataclysmic comedy about the unfortunate life of “Mr. a.” While holding out for life to improve, he faces a combination of stock crashes, housing price surges, and the danger of resignation all at once. Although he took pride in succeeding in life, he takes a direct hit from the passage of time and heads downhill in life.

Kwon Sang Woo will be playing the role of the ordinary middle-aged man Mr. a, who thought his life was going places only to find out that it’s already in the stages of declining. Mr. a graduated from a prestigious university and entered a large company, but he goes from riches to rags after experiencing the ups and downs of the passage of time.

Sung Dong Il will be starring as Heo Joon, the neighborhood doctor. He always bickers with his patients with his nonchalant and tired attitude, but he is more caring than anyone else. Although he makes Mr. a flustered with his painfully honest words, he doesn’t hold back in giving advice that resonates with the heart.

The newly released stills capture Mr. a with his “life mentor” Heo Joon. As Kwon Sang Woo and Sung Dong Il previously starred together in “The Accidental Detective” series, viewers can look forward to seeing their new and improved synergy. As both actors are no stranger to the comedy genre, they will definitely showcase a funny and exciting relationship.

Right when Mr. a is confident that he’s living a successful life, he actually starts falling downhill in life and meets his life mentor Heo Joon, who only offers him harsh truths. While Mr. a has fallen into a deep slump, the happy Heo Joon appears in his life to offer refuge and a new outlook on life.

Whenever Mr. a endures hardship, Heo Joon is always right by his side. Somehow, the two end up as “check up buddies,” finding themselves in matching hospital gowns as they wait for their health check ups. Mr. a looks sad and limp but Heo Joon stays firm and looks at him with a piercing gaze, as if ready to call him out.

Heo Joon is clearly a man of many surprises, as he also meets up with Mr. a wearing an unlikely outfit with sunglasses and a stylish leather jacket. Viewers can look forward to seeing how Heo Joon uses his supercar as an unusual method to help cheer Mr. a up.

Regarding the outwardly cold and harsh but inwardly warm and caring Heo Joon, Sung Dong Il commented, “Heo Joon is like your neighborhood hyung as well as a friend. [The drama] includes small stories that could happen around us with our neighbors, younger siblings, fathers, and uncles. It’s a drama you can enjoy without burden.”

The actors spoke about their synergy with Kwon Sang Woo sharing, “Sung Dong Il is a hyung that’s like family and my soul’s partner. I’m so glad we are able to work on this project together.” Sung Dong Il added, “Kwon Sang Woo is like a neighborhood friend and we have a comfortable relationship. I think our synergy comes out when we say our lines back and forth.”

“X of Crisis” will premiere on September 2.

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