6 Newer Web Dramas To Add To Your Watch List

Web dramas are the best of both worlds. You get the giddy romance storyline between two very good looking main leads, and you also get the no commitment factor as the episodes tend to be much shorter than a standard K-drama. If the series is already completed, you might even manage to watch the entire series in a few hours! Here are six newer web dramas that are worth checking out.

1. “Bad Girlfriend

Yang Ji Soo (Byeon Seo Yun) works at an advertising company, and she is dating her boss. What the boss doesn’t know is that Ji Soo is also dating another young man who works at a coffee shop. Low and behold, the young man gets a contract job at Ji Soo’s company. She tries to juggle dating the two guys without them finding out.

This series is interesting in that it is very unpredictable. Until the very end, viewers will not be able to anticipate what will happen, which makes for an exciting watch. The male suitors are really the highlight of the series, and you see how much they’re willing to do for Ji Soo. You’ll love all the romantic confessions and eye-candy, but there should definitely be a warning that the message and story are not what you would expect!

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2. “Miracle”

Luis (Chani) is a popular idol who constantly worries that he will lose his fame. Lee Soo Rin (Kang Min Ah) is a former idol trainee who talks her best friend Min Si Woo (Hwi Young) into attending an idol audition. Soo Rin and Luis end up crossing paths, and the two form a hostile relationship that leads to some deep feelings.

“Miracle” is an enjoyable watch that will relax you after a long and stressful day. It’s got all the cliche tropes with the addition of some adorable idols that make it thoroughly entertaining. The romance and love triangle that form will have you giddy throughout, not to mention the soundtrack will totally draw you into their world!

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3. “Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

Based on the Korean comic, “Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?” stars Ong Seong Wu and Park Ho San in this comforting series about coffee. The series is very simple in that it involves Kang Go Bi (Ong Seong Wu) wanting to get a job at a coffee shop despite Park Seok (Park Ho San) not needing a worker. While working at the cafe, Go Bi hears the stories of various customers.

A healing series at its core, “Would You Like a Cup of Coffee” provides the perfect blanket of warmth to soothe your soul. No one could have thought that Ong Seong Wu and Park Ho San would be a perfect duo in bringing such a touching portrayal of two cafe workers. Seeing the two interact is heartwarming, and learning about various stories from the customers will keep you hooked until the end!

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4. “Summer Guys

“Summer Guys” tells the story of three young men and a woman who work together at a cocktail bar on the beach. The series stars Kang Mina as Oh Jun Dal, who is determined to make sure the bar is a happening place for the summer but is disappointed when her bar catches on fire. Lee Jung Shin, Lee Jung Sic, and VIINI (Kwon Hyun Bin) play the three bartenders who help Jun Dal get her business back into shape in time for summer.

This refreshing and warm web drama is a series that is perfect to watch any time of year. Although it is set in the sunny and hot setting of Jeju Island, the series provides some feel-good emotions that are nice to watch during any season. Seeing the development of all the characters and discovering how they ended up working at this bar is intriguing. You also have a very hot and steamy love line that forms between Oh Jun Dal and Seon Woo Chan (Lee Jung Shin).

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5. “Kiss Goblin

Ban Sook (Bae In Hyuk) is a goblin who is told that he needs to kiss a human 10 times in order to become human. His willingness to become human is so great that he decides to take on this task. As he goes on this journey, he meets Oh Yeon Ah (Jeon Hye Won), a strong-willed girl who takes it upon herself to help Ban Sook achieve this goal of kissing 10 humans.

If you can handle the amount of heat of seeing Bae In Hyuk kiss multiple girls throughout this short series, this web drama is a definite must watch. It’s an easy watch where you do not have to think much, but it will keep you totally hooked. The evolving romance between Ban Sook and Yeon Ah is also a delight to watch, giving a lot of butterflies and emotions. You’ll love seeing these two figure their feelings out for each other!

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6. “XX

Yoon Nana (Hani) is a professional bartender at a bar called XX. There is a new worker named Park Dan Hee (Bae In Hyuk) who seems to have had a long-standing crush on Nana. XX is taken over by a new owner named Lee Roo Mi (Hwang Seung Eon), who used to be best friends with Nana many years ago until they had a falling out.

Another Bae In Hyuk web drama, “XX” will hit all the right chords. It’s mysterious, scandalous, and there is a sizzling love story between Dan Hee and Nana that you will be rooting for. The vibe and the way the series is filmed are very artsy, and the storyline has a good flow despite the frequent flash backs. The close-up shots of the bartenders making various drinks is also pretty fascinating, and even if you’re not a drinker, you’ll appreciate it!

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