SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo Describes How He Maintains A Positive Mindset, Why His Personal Aspirations Stem From The Group, And More

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo has teamed up with Esquire for a solo pictorial!

In his accompanying interview, Wonwoo touched on the difference between group and individual activities. He shared, “When I appeared in Esquire’s November issue last year with Vernon, Mingyu, and S.Coups, I probably didn’t say much. Since my members all speak well, even if I don’t respond, there are no gaps in the audio.” Laughing, he added, “That’s when I feel comfortable.”

Wonwoo continued, “However, since it’s just me today, I feel a sense of responsibility. As everyone’s only looking at me, I keep thinking that I have to do well.”

After discussing his “Wonwoo’s Diary” content on SEVENTEEN’s official YouTube channel, Wonwoo was asked what kind of videos he’s most interested in filming, without considering a budget or schedule. Wonwoo chose music videos and elaborated, “I want to film one in the vibe of a short film with a story.”

He explained, “When I was working on the song ‘Circles’ from our most recent repackaged album ‘SECTOR 17,’ I thought, ‘it would be fun to film a music video for this.’ Mingyu also has a lot of interest in videos like me so we talked about filming a music video for the hip hop team, but we weren’t able to make it work.”

As SEVENTEEN has many members and the group is always together, the interviewer asked Wonwoo whether he ever thought about needing time alone. Wonwoo answered, “I definitely have those thoughts. Just like how the family you’ve lived with all your life has their own personal lives.”

He added, “What’s a relief is that from the beginning, we promised to respect each other’s privacy and we’re constantly working to keep that promise. We’re just being considerate. As we’ve been together for over seven years, we’ve reached a point where we get a sense just from looking at each other. I think it’s important not to cross any boundaries.”

When asked about his trick to maintaining a positive attitude, Wonwoo shared, “It’s not quite a trick but I think the biggest factor is having a lot of people around you who exude good energy. Obviously not my members, but I barely have any gloomy people around me, whether that be our dancers or agency members. Everyone smiles a lot and is kind. Even in difficult moments, an uplifting atmosphere is naturally created. That’s why instead of me trying to be positive, I think it’s right to say that I became that way thanks to my surrounding environment.”

SEVENTEEN’s fourth studio album “Face the Sun” captures the powerful message of wanting to become the sun. Wonwoo was asked what the sun means to SEVENTEEN in this context, to which he replied, “It means a large and powerful influence. It contains the desire to become someone who has a good influence on many people, rather than just being popular.”

Wonwoo continued, “We’ve worked really hard up until now and as a result have received more than enough love, but we will not settle here as we want to grow even more. We have a lot of images we want to show too. I think you can look at it like that aspiration, ambition, and greed being compared to the sun.”

Aside from the group’s aspirations, Wonwoo was asked about his personal ambitions. He shared, “Making the dreams of those around me come true. If the people I see all the time are happy and having a good time, I believe I will also be happy. If SEVENTEEN has decided to be the sun, it’s right that I match their pace accordingly to shine even more too.”

Finally, Wonwoo described how he draws out his future, saying, “It’s hard to speak [of the future] while separating me from SEVENTEEN. Because I’ve only looked at this path since I was 16 years old. As we went through our contract renewals at the beginning of the year, I often thought, ‘a successful person is one who is long-lasting.’ I think it would be ideal if I could continue enjoyably promoting music. Preferably together rather than alone.”

SEVENTEEN is currently in North America for their “BE THE SUN” world tour with upcoming shows in Fort Worth, Chicago, Washington, and more. Wonwoo’s full interview and pictorial will be available in Esquire Korea’s September issue!

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