Hwang Minhyun Shares His Opinion On The Ending Of

Hwang Minhyun has offered his closing thoughts on “Alchemy of Souls”!

Penned by the famous screenwriting duo known as the Hong Sisters, tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls” is a fantasy romance drama set in the fictional nation of Daeho, and tells the story of characters whose fates become twisted due to magic that swaps people’s souls.

In the drama, Hwang Minhyun transformed in the perfect Seo Youl, who is handsome, intelligent, and kind. Looking back on “Alchemy of Souls,” Hwang Minhyun shared that acting in the drama was an honor and an unforgettable experience, and thanked viewers and the drama’s crew.

On what he focused most on while preparing for his role, Hwang Minhyun commented, “Seo Youl is always rational and acts after taking in his surroundings objectively. However, after getting to know Nak Soo [Go Yoon Jung] and Mu Deok [Jung So Min], love makes him worry and get conflicted about the disciplines and beliefs he’s held, and I tried to express those aspects in a way that viewers could immerse.”

Given the fantasy aspect of “Alchemy of Souls,” Hwang Minhyun had various action scenes. When asked about the difficulty, he shared, “Before filming ‘Alchemy of Souls,’ I attended action school with my co-stars and on set, I filmed enjoyably with the help and guidance of our martial arts director and many stunt actors.”

Minhyun then compared the scenes to choreography and explained, “At first, action acting was unfamiliar but my desire to complete all my action scenes on my own grew bigger, so I took that greed and worked hard. Inevitably, I think dancing and memorizing things [as an idol] for a long time helped me memorize the action sequences right away.”

Although Mu Deok is able to fool most people about her true identity, Seo Youl notices early on that she is Nak Soo. Despite what he knows, Seo Youl chooses to protect Mu Deok’s happiness. Regarding what he would do in the same situation, Minhyuk answered, “Since I believe that the happiness of the person I like is my own happiness, I would support her love with Jang Wook [Lee Jae Wook] and become a reliable supporter who protects her from the side.”

Minhyun also shared his thoughts on the ending of Part 1, saying, “Although the tragic conclusion was sad, I think the open ending is an ending that makes you anticipate what’s coming next. Please also look forward to and give lots of attention to Part 2, ‘Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow.'”

Reflecting on his growth from the drama, Minhyun shared, “My enjoyment during acting has grown a lot while filming ‘Alchemy of Souls.’ I learned a lot while watching the actors I worked with and I discovered what I’m good at and what I lack, so I know exactly what I need to improve to move forward in the future.”

Finally, Minhyun said to viewers, “Thank you for loving and supporting ‘Alchemy of Souls.’ Thanks to the love from so many people, I think this will also become an unforgettable project for me. I hope everyone else also remembers this drama as one that you’ll never forget. Also, this is not the end of ‘Alchemy of Souls’ so please look forward to the future.”

“Alchemy of Souls” Part 2 will air this December.

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