Hyeri, Lee Jun Young, And More Confirmed To Star In New Fantasy Romance Drama

MBC’s new fantasy drama “Ildangbaek Butler” (literal title) is raising the anticipation of viewers with an amazing cast!

On August 31, “Ildangbaek Butler” introduced its confirmed cast members including Hyeri, Lee Jun Young, Song Duk Ho, Han Dong Hee, Tae In Ho, Lee Kyu Han, and Oh Dae Hwan.

“Ildangbaek Butler” tells the story of Butler Kim, who runs errands that begin at a cost of 100 won (approximately 10 cents) per job, and funeral director Baek Dong Joo, who grants the wishes of the dead, as they operate an errand-running business called Ildangbaek (meaning one person doing the work of 100, and in this specific case, also referring to the fact that one errand costs 100 won).

Hyeri will take on the role of Baek Dong Joo, a funeral director who helps the wishes of the deceased come true. Baek Dong Joo possesses a strange ability to communicate with the deceased. Unless the deceased’s last wish is fulfilled, she has to spend the whole day with no luck. Anticipation is high on Hyeri’s transformation into Baek Dong Joo who sympathizes with and listens to the story of the deceased.

Lee Jun Young will play Butler Kim, the only employee and ace at the daily errands service Ildangbaek. He is a person with an unexpected charm who takes things as they come but shows his inner strength at important moments. If it’s what the customer wants, Butler Kim will run to anywhere and help with anything. He gets entangled with the strange Baek Dong Joo and starts working together on a project that transcends life and death. Viewers are curious to find out what kind of thrilling chemistry Lee Jun Young and Hyeri will create.

Song Duk Ho will take on the role of Seo Hae Ahn, a police officer who has unwavering love for Baek Dong Joo. His acting will delightfully unravel the unwavering love story of Seo Hae Ahn who shows endless trust and affection toward Baek Dong Joo.

Han Dong Hee will play Tak Chung Ha, a resident majoring in emergency medicine who is also Butler Kim’s ex-girlfriend. Tak Chung Ha is a confident woman who is passionate about studying, dating, and even having a good time. However, her mind begins to waver when Butler Kim, who she thought would love her for the rest of his life, turns to another person. Han Dong Hee’s transformation into the confident and candid Tak Chung Ha further raises anticipation for the drama.

Tae In Ho will take on the role of Im Il Seop, Baek Dong Joo’s senior manager. As a qualified funeral director, he remains No. 1 in satisfaction ratings by the bereaved families with his neat and trustworthy appearance and perfect job handling skills. However, he is hiding his own deep wounds behind his kind face.

Lee Kyu Han will play the role of Vincent, the youngest and troubled maternal uncle of Butler Kim and the CEO of Ildangbaek. He studied for the bar exam for 15 years, but when a fortune teller told him that he has no luck in taking up a public position, he gave up on studying and started the business Ildangbaek. Vincent will charm viewers with his handsome looks and coy personality.

Last but not least, Oh Dae Hwan adds vitality to the drama as the role of Michael, Baek Dong Joo’s maternal uncle and the chief priest of a cathedral in Bongsu Neighborhood. Michael is the only person who knows about the special ability of his nephew Baek Dong Joo who can talk to the deceased by touching them. Oh Dae Hwan’s portrayal of Michael, who holds the key to the secret, is expected to add excitement.

In addition, the collaboration between director Shim So Yeon, who was highly praised through the dramas “Here’s My Plan” and “Welcome 2 Life,” and writer Lee Seon Hye, who participated in the “Reply” series (“Reply 1997,” “Reply 1994,” and “Reply 1988”) and wrote “20th Century Boy and Girl,” further raises expectations for the drama.

“Ildangbaek Butler” will premiere in October. Stay tuned for updates!

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