Watch: Performances From KCON 2022 Saudi Arabia

A star-studded lineup of artists lit up the stage at the very first KCON Saudi Arabia!

This weekend, KCON 2022 Saudi Arabia took place at Boulevard Riyadh City on September 30 and October 1 local time.

THE BOYZ, Sunmi, Rain, PENTAGON, P1Harmony, and SECRET NUMBER took the stage on Day 1, while ATEEZ, NewJeans, Hyolyn, STAYC, ONEUS, and TO1 performed on Day 2.

Check out clips of their performances—including some exciting covers—below!

Day 2

ATEEZ – “Guerrilla,” “Good Lil Boy” + “The Leaders” + “TO THE BEAT,” “THANXX,” and “The Real (Heung Ver.)”

Hyolyn – “Waka Boom,” “SEE SEA,” “Hello, Goodbye,” and “Touch My Body” + “Shake It”

NewJeans – “Hype Boy,” “Cookie,” and “Attention”

STAYC – Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry,” “ASAP,” “RUN2U,” and “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER”

ONEUS and TO1 – SEVENTEEN’s DK’s “Go!”

ONEUS – “Same Scent,” “LIT,” and “No Diggity”

TO1 – “Drummin’,” “BOOM POW,” and “Son of Beast”

Day 1

THE BOYZ – “WHISPER,” “THRILL RIDE,” “Break Your Rules,” and “MAVERICK”

Sunmi – “Heart Burn,” “pporappippam,” and “Gashina”

Rain – “WHY DON’T WE,” “GANG,” “Love Song,” and “30 SEXY”

PENTAGON – 2PM’s “Heartbeat,” “POPPIA” (Saudi Arabia Ver.), “Feelin’ Like,” “DO or NOT,” and “Shine”

P1Harmony – Rain’s “It’s Raining,” “Doom Du Doom,” “Scared,” and “Follow Me”

SECRET NUMBER – Rain’s “Rainism,” “DOOMCHITA,” and “Got That Boom”

Which KCON 2022 Saudi Arabia performance was your favorite?

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