7 K-Pop Idols Who Can Slay Even The Hardest Choreos In Sky-High Heels

Any accomplished dancer will tell you that choreography can be tough – but there’s nothing like having to complete a routine in heels! It takes an extra level of skill (and some pretty amazing balance) to be able to pull off K-pop choreography in high heels, but these seven idols have it in the bag. Even the pros are impressed!

ITZY’s Yeji

ITZY’s latest comeback might be titled “SNEAKERS,” but Yeji can still slay in heels! For her Artist Of The Month dance showcase routine, she performed a fierce cover of Bishop Briggs’s “River” in some ultra-skinny stilettos. Even the floor work was flawless, and the heels didn’t trip Yeji up one bit.

aespa’s Ningning

aespa’s “Black Mamba” had some notably difficult choreography for a debut track – but to make it even more impressive, main vocalist Ningning performed the whole thing in heels! She’s one of the group’s most frequent flyers when it comes to sky-high heels, and she looks amazing every time.

TWICE’s Momo

Momo amazed ONCEs and dance fans alike with her performance project released in February of last year, showing off her incredible dexterity and flexibility as a performer. She also proved that she’s got some stellar control because the entire first part of the choreography was performed in stilettos!


Soloist Sunmi doesn’t mess around when it comes to choreography, and that includes this legendary performance of “Gashina” from 2017. She rocks the stage in some high heeled booties, making this collab stage with SHINee’s dance icon Taemin just that much more impressive.

Red Velvet’s Irene

Seulgi is Red Velvet’s main dancer, so it’s pretty amazing that rapper and leader Irene can pull off the exact same choreography in high heels! Their duo debut as Irene & Seulgi was amazing for a lot of reasons – fashion included, and the pair weren’t afraid to perform in some super high heels!

NMIXX’s Kyujin

NMIXX’s Kyujin is having her moment right now in terms of fire choreography. The group’s latest comeback “DICE” really lets Kyujin show off her best side. The group has performed the track in some crazy-high heels, so Kyujin definitely isn’t the only one worthy of all the awards – but she totally kills it!


BLACKPINK’s youngest member and main dancer Lisa has had some amazing choreography moments over the years, but this “LILI’S FILM” cover stands out as one of her best. Memes aside, those stilettos are definitely nothing to sneeze at – but Lisa slays the whole time!

Can you name any other idols that can kill any choreo in heels? Tell us below!

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