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“The Queen’s Umbrella” has shared an exciting new highlight teaser!

tvN’s upcoming historical drama “The Queen’s Umbrella” centers on the special palace education system of the Joseon Dynasty. The drama will follow the conflict within the palace over trying to make proper princes out of its five troublemaking princes, who cause nothing but headaches for the royal family. Kim Hye Soo will star in the drama as queen Im Hwa Ryung, the wife of a great king and the long-suffering mother of five troublemaking sons.

The newly released five-minute highlight teaser emphasizes the busy lifestyle of various characters in the palace and the chaos that ensues in a fight for the throne. As queen Im Hwa Ryung gets ready and puts on her extravagant accessories, one of her sons comment, “Always remember. My mother is the mother of a nation.”

The serene moment quickly ends as Im Hwa Ryung is shown running around the palace to wake, search for, and scold her sons. Described as the Joseon Dynasty’s most special queen, Im Hwa Ryung is determined as she states, “I have to muster up the energy. If I lose, I can’t sleep.” Choi Won Young stars as King Lee Ho, who is Im Hwa Ryung’s husband. He is a kind and encouraging leader who sincerely cares about the wellbeing of civilians.

His mother Queen Dowager (Kim Hae Sook) is a legend among concubines for helping her child born out of wedlock become a great king. She slyly comments, “Blocking confusion in the royal court is protecting everyone’s comfort.” Confidently, Queen Dowager adds, “Obey and swear allegiance to me.”

When Im Hwa Ryung expresses concern about her sons, someone calmly reassures her, “Don’t worry too much. Even if they cause accidents, they are not ones to harm others.”

However, an additional obstacle to the princes’ constant antics are those intentionally trying to take the throne from them. There’s concubine Hwang Gwi In (Ok Ja Yeon) who proudly tells her son Eui Sung (SF9‘s Chani), “The very first child of the king is you.” Tae So Yong (Kim Ga Eun) is another concubine who dutifully caters to her smart son Bo Gum (Kim Min Ki).

Later, Im Hwa Ryung announces that the king is holding an evaluation to give the princes an opportunity to become the baedong, which refers to the important role of a designated friend for the crown prince who serves, studies, and plays with them. Hwang Gwi In doesn’t jump to conclusions like the other concubines as she comments, “We don’t know whether [being] the baedong is good or bad.”

Given this new opportunity, other concubines wonder, “How did Queen Dowager make her son, who was born out of wedlock, into the king from the position of a concubine?” It turns out that there is actually a rulebook that the Queen Dowager followed to make this happen, and she turns the book over to Tae So Yong. The five key components are waking up early, a breathing technique of dunking your head in salt water for 150 seconds, medical water called baekbitang which has been boiled 100 times, eating with intention, and an ice bath for mind-body training.

Eventually, the queen realizes that this examination was actually ordered by Queen Dowager who shares, “I am worried and concerned about my son’s country and my royal court.” Im Hwa Ryung asks why she ordered this and Hwang Gwi In answers instead, “the prince who becomes the baedong may soon be able to take over the position as crown prince.”

As the Queen Dowager’s scheme grows greater, Im Hwa Ryung tells her, “Overthrowing the direct child and raising a concubine’s child to the throne must be your specialty.” Queen Dowager responds, “I’ve done it once. Who’s to say I can’t do it twice?” Despite all odds, queen Im Hwa Ryung does not back down in order to protect her sons from all these threats.

Watch the intense highlight teaser here!

tvN’s “The Queen’s Umbrella” premieres on October 15 at 9 p.m. KST. Check out another teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Kim Hye Soo’s film “My 11th Mother“:

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