9 Soothing K-Drama OST Songs To Add To Your Drive Playlist

The original soundtracks of K-dramas can make or break the shows. They set the mood between the characters, reveal their unspoken feelings, and much more. However, some of them can be polarizing or just too slow to listen to. Still, with so many K-drama OSTs out in the world, there are lots of songs that create a soothing and chill atmosphere that’s perfect for driving. Here are nine soothing OST songs to add to your drive playlist.

Jeong Hyo Bean – “Starlight” (“Run On”)

Whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or just going to the mall with friends, “Starlight” by Jeong Hyo Bean is a must-play. It has a dreamy yet bouncy melody that’s just upbeat enough to keep things light without being too slow to put you asleep. Plus, Jeong Hyo Bean’s whimsical vocals feel warm and inviting.

Wendy – “What If Love” (“Touch Your Heart”)

If you need to slow things down in your playlist after listening to a string of hype songs but don’t want something too slow, put on “What If Love” by Red Velvet’s Wendy. The relaxing guitar instrumental mixed with airy percussion and Wendy’s magical voice makes this song from “Touch Your Heart” perfect to wind down to when you’re nearing the end of your long drive and arriving at your destination.

Watch “Touch Your Heart” below:

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MeloMance – “A Day Not Too Far Ahead” (“20th Century Boy and Girl”)

If you’re on your way to visit your significant other or going on a first date, turn on “Not Too Distance Day” by MeloMance. While it starts with a slow, yearning instrumental that mixes guitar, piano, and spellbinding strings, the song’s tempo has a way of building your anticipation. Kim Min Seok’s warm and cozy vocals will touch your heart and soothe any nerves you may have during the drive.

Joy – “Introduce me a good person” (“Hospital Playlist”)

Let’s be honest — drives, no matter how long or short, can be tiring. If you’re looking for a song to lift your mood and get you through a bout of slow traffic, play “Introduce Me a Good Person.” The warm acoustic melody and Joy’s fairy-like vocals will offer you an instant mood boost.

V – “Christmas Tree” (“Our Beloved Summer”)

If you’re looking for a song that’s fast enough to keep you awake but dreamy enough to let your loved ones catch some sleep, you can’t go wrong with “Christmas Tree” by BTS’s V. His warm vocals over the serene instrumentals will enchant you to keep listening without jolting anyone else awake. To really set the mood, try listening to this one with the windows down (especially if it’s wintertime) while winding through long roads.

K.Will – “Talk Love” (“Descendants of the Sun”)

If you want a song to start your drive playlist, look no further than K.Wills’s “Talk Love” from “Descendants of the Sun.” The song’s eccentric and upbeat melody and iconic whistle sound effects underneath his velvety vocals feel fresh and make you want to feel the wind through your hair while you drive.

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Kihyun & SeolA – “Love Virus” (“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”)

Similar to “Talk Love,” “Love Virus” from “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” offers a cheery and consoling start to the beginning of your drive journey. The vocals of MONSTA X’s Kihyun and WJSN’s SeolA are captivating, and the piano in the track feels playful and exciting without being too upbeat.

Catch “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” below:

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Baekhyun – “Every second” (“Record of Youth”)

If you find yourself driving at dawn, “Every Second” will set the perfect vibe. Baekhyun’s dreamy lower register will reel you in at the beginning of the song while the whimsical piano will make your heart flutter. It’s just fast enough to keep you awake and will make the sun peeking through the clouds seem even more beautiful.

Red Velvet – “Future” (“Start-Up”)

If you’re looking for a calming, retro-like song for your drive, look no further than Red Velvet’s “Future.” Its electric pop melody makes it a perfect drive song, and the group’s complete vocal sound will further emphasize a relaxed yet exciting mood.

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