Choi Min Sik, Son Suk Ku, Lee Dong Hwi, And Heo Sung Tae Take On The Fierce World Of Casino In

Disney+’s upcoming original series “Big Bet” has shared a glimpse of the dangerous gambling ahead!

“Big Bet” tells the impactful story of Cha Mu Sik (Choi Min Sik), a man who rose to the top and became the legendary king of the casino in the Philippines even without fortune, connections, or other privileges on his hands. After getting tangled in a murder case, he is now faced with the ultimate bet with his life on the line.

On November 25, Walt Disney Company Korea revealed sets of stills previewing various characters from Cha Mu Sik who lives a turbulent life, Oh Seung Hoon (Son Suk Ku) who chases after Cha Mu Sik, Yang Jung Pal (Lee Dong Hwi) who is Cha Mu Sik’s loyal right-hand man, and to Seo Tae Seok (Heo Sung Tae) who catches attention with his mysterious atmosphere.

The first set of stills captures Cha Mu Sik’s unpredictable life story from the moment he experiences casino for the first time to the moment he starts a full-fledged casino business, stimulating viewers’ curiosity. “Big Bet” follows the narrative of this legendary character Cha Mu Sik who loses all his fortune and hits the bottom but then makes a huge amount of money in 10 years, and the drama portrays the scenes of various eras from the 1970s to the present.

The next set of stills shows the appearance of Oh Seung Hoon, the first “Korean desk” dispatched to the Philippines. Viewers can have a glimpse of the character’s emotional changes from his slightly nervous expression on the first day of work to the way he gradually confronts Cha Mu Sik as he finds out more about who he is.

Meanwhile, the stills of Yang Jung Pal preview his colorful expressions, foreshadowing wonderful chemistry with Cha Mu Sik as his right-hand man. Yang Jung Pal is expected to form a love-and-hate relationship with Cha Mu Sik as he goes through various incidents. On top of this, the impressive appearance of Seo Tae Seok, who will become another threat to Cha Mu Sik, adds to the anticipation for the drama.

“Big Bet” will premiere on December 21. Catch a teaser here!

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