BTS’s RM And Director Jang Hang Joon Share A Glimpse Of Their Chemistry As Co-MCs For Upcoming Variety Show

BTS’s RM and film director Jang Hang Joon have shared their feelings about taking on MC roles for a new variety show!

On December 2, tvN revealed an interview with the two MCs of their upcoming program “Encyclopedia of Useless Facts on Unbelievable Human Beings” ahead of the premiere later in the day.

As a follow-up variety show for “My Shallow Knowledge” and “Encyclopedia of Useless Facts on Crimes” which have been extremely popular, tvN’s “Encyclopedia of Useless Facts on Unbelievable Human Beings” is a journey that explores all human beings in the world from a variety of perspectives so that one may be able to find a new side to themself.

When asked why he decided to take on the role, Jang Hang Joon replied, “I was offered the role by a producing director (PD) whom I worked with on “Encyclopedia of Useless Facts on Crimes” I like working with someone whom I’ve worked together before. However, I told them that I will not take it if I have to study, but they said that this time I will be an MC, so I was like, ‘Exciting! It will be fun!’ (Laughs) Because I just have to listen and enjoy! It was also interesting that the show will talk about humans.”

When asked what kind of role he would like to play in this show, RM remarked, “I’m not quite an ordinary person in his 20s, but I want to elicit honest questions and answers from the younger generation’s perspective. There is nothing more I could wish for if I could bring a bit of scalability to ‘Encyclopedia of Useless Facts on Unbelievable Human Beings.'” He continued, “I would like to discuss very essential and universal topics such as the necessity of labor in modern society.”

The two are working together for the first time as co-MCs. On how he would describe their chemistry and the style of their performance as MCs, Jang Hang Joon replied, “I really like that Namjoon (RM’s real name) is an MC with me. As a leader of an idol group, he has a lot of responsibility and is very good at speaking logically. He listens well, has good understanding, exactly understands the flow and context of the story, and actively seeks strong intellectual exploration and curiosity.”

To conclude, RM shared, “I understand that the ‘My Shallow Knowledge’ series has a fairly wide range of viewers. I’m not that much of an educated person myself but as a young man with considerable intellectual appetite, I’ll try to bring out some interesting answers and thoughts so that I don’t become a nuisance in the show. Please look fondly upon us. Also, please show lots of interest for my first solo album ‘Indigo’ which will be released on the same day that the show premieres!”

“Encyclopedia of Useless Facts on Unbelievable Human Beings” premieres on December 2 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Meanwhile, RM dropped his first solo album “Indigo” along with the music video for the title track earlier in the day at 2 p.m. KST.

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