GOT7's Jinyoung On His New Film

GOT7’s Jinyoung has talked about his Christmas film, upcoming enlistment, thoughts on dating, “Reborn Rich” cameo, solo album and much more in various new interviews!

Later this month, Jinyoung will play his first lead film role in “Christmas Carol,” an action thriller movie following the story of twins Wol Woo and Il Woo, both of whom Jinyoung plays. After Wol Woo’s death, Il Woo enters a juvenile detention center through his own volition in order to exact revenge. There, he winds up in a brutal confrontation with a juvenile gang.

Ahead of the film’s December 7 premiere, Jinyoung shared with Sports DongA, “I have a thirst to showcase a new image. While watching the movie I felt proud as I thought, ‘New acting is possible for me too.” Comparing this film to his bright role in “Yumi’s Cells 2” this past summer, Jinyoung commented, “It’s good luck to have been able to show two completely different images in one year.”

As the character Wol Woo has a physical disability, Jinyoung explained that he didn’t want to act while trying to imitate, which led him to focus on the character’s pain rather than his appearance. Prior to filming, Jinyoung met with reporters with developmental disabilities from Human Aid Post, whose advice helped him draw out his character more deeply. Jinyoung also recently made a donation of 50 million won (approximately $38,400) to ChildFund Korea’s One Love Village, a facility for children with severe disabilities. With his donation, Jinyoung commented, “This [donation] came to be out of my desire to repay the [Human Aid Post] reporters who shared honest stories.”

For the film, Jinyoung cut his hair very short, prompting people to ask whether he was preparing to enlist. Although Jinyoung is set to enlist in 2023, he shared that he wasn’t going yet and shared, “Ahead of my enlistment, I feel restless, but it’s a place all men have to go to so I’m trying to put my mind at ease.” Jinyoung added with a laugh, “But of course, I may shed a tear at home without anyone knowing.”

When asked if he’s dating, Jinyoung responded, “I do have to date but I really have no time.” He then made everyone laugh as he shared, “Also, since I have to enlist soon, why do it?” He explained, “The idea of having someone come see you and forming a relationship with a certain title is too much pressure.” However, with his head bowed, Jinyoung continued while laughing, “I’ll try [dating] after I’m discharged. Since I’ll be in my thirties then, I’m sure my fans will understand. I’m sorry Ahgase [short for GOT7’s fan club IGOT7].”

After debuting with GOT7 in 2014 and leaving their agency JYP Entertainment in January 2021, Jinyoung has been focusing on his acting career after signing with BH Entertainment. Despite his current focus, Jinyoung emphasized that his roots were still being a singer. He commented, “I still feel happier when I hear compliments like ‘You’re good at music’ and ‘You’re quite good at dancing,’ rather than praise that I’m good at acting. I don’t ever have plans to give up on my music promotions.”

When asked how GOT7 is still able to promote together despite being signed to different agencies, Jinyoung answered while laughing, “Because we are genuinely close. Everyone’s busy so we can’t meet often but we contact each other all the time. My members even said that they were going to go watch my new movie together. I told them ‘Don’t just use your words and send pictures of your movie ticket.'” He added that they’ve talked about GOT7’s future group promotions because fans are still showing them so much love, but that the timing has yet to be organized.

In an interview with Hankook Ilbo, Jinyoung teased his previously confirmed solo album, sharing, “I’ve finished recording my solo album and am deciding the timing [of the release]. It will become an album where I do both what I’ve been doing, and what I’ve wanted to do.”

Last month, Jinyoung made an impactful cameo in JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” as Song Joong Ki’s co-worker Shin Kyung Min. Despite his limited screen time, Jinyoung’s character played an important role and left a lasting impression on viewers.

He commented to MyDaily, “We didn’t have any prior connection, so I was thankful that they gave me the opportunity for a special appearance. The character was so fun. Although my appearance was limited to a few episodes, it was a character who concluded Episode 1, so I didn’t want to take it lightly. I thought a lot about building the character. At the beginning, I wanted assistant manager Shin Kyung Min to be expressed as someone who adapts to and sways well with his environment, rather than as a bad person.”

Jinyoung continued, “That’s why in the drama, I tried to approach Song Joong Ki in a more burdensome and over-the-top manner. That way, I thought I’d also be convinced of the eventual twist, so I tried to carry that kind of tension at the start.” Thanking the cast and crew of “Reborn Rich,” Jinyoung shared, “Thanks to them, I was able to go to Turkey. All the producing directors and senior actors, including Song Joong Ki, treated me so well.”

Jinyoung’s upcoming film “Christmas Carol” hits theaters on December 7.

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