Watch: “Phantom” Starring Honey Lee, Park So Dam, And More Confirms Release Date + Teases Action-Packed Story In Daunting New Trailer And Poster

Honey Lee and Park So Dam’s upcoming film “Phantom” has unveiled numerous new teasers and confirmed its release date!

Directed by Lee Hae Young, “Phantom” is set in 1933 during the Japanese colonization of Korea. The film draws out the intense story of various suspects who have been locked up in a secluded hotel as potential “phantom” spies planted by anti-Japanese organizations in the Japanese Government-General of Korea. As they try to prove themselves innocent and escape, they come to face the real phantom’s unstoppable operation.

The film stars Honey Lee, Park So Dam, Sol Kyung Gu, Park Hae Soo, and Seo Hyun Woo, who are all featured on the newly released poster. Their character transformations capture the essence of the Japanese colonial period in 1933 and previews the haunting hotel that sits at the edge of a cliff.

This hotel is a trap aimed to catch phantoms and spies of anti-Japanese organizations and is intentionally placed on a cliffside where there is no escape. This haunting and deceiving place will be the start of the story about those who must be caught, those who must prove their innocence to live, and real phantoms who must not be caught.

Sol Kyung Gu stars as Junji Murayama, a Japanese police officer whose expression on the poster is a mix between suspicion and caution, while Honey Lee stars as Park Cha Kyung, who is in charge of communication records and cryptograms for the Government-General. Park So Dam plays the fashionable Yuriko, the secretary of the Government-General political affairs chief, despite being Korean. Park Hae Soo portrays captain Kaito Dakahara, and Seo Hyun Woo plays chief Chung, who has sharp deciphering skills.

The film also released additional stills of Honey Lee, Park So Dam, and Park Hae Soo, with the former actress saying of her character, “Cha Kyung is a character who harbors a deep, unfathomable sadness. She is a character who deeply suppressed her emotions, rather than opening up and resolving them. Out of all the characters I’ve played, I believe Cha Kyung is the person who is the most open-minded with the highest caliber. That’s how wide the range of acting was that I could do and I thought that was a different kind of fun.”

Park So Dam added of Yuriko, “Since she’s an unpredictable character with a lot of variables, I thought about just how differently I could portray her in a variety of ways.” Director Lee Hae Young, who previously worked with the actress on “The Silenced,” commented, “Even if I give her the smallest tip, she always puts it into play and is a player who’s prepared to showcase her perfect skills. I felt trust from the first moment I saw her and she’s someone who makes sure this trust does not waver or break at any moment.”

For his role as Kaito, Park Hae Soo is said to have memorized his lines, which are entirely in Japanese, in just two weeks, as well as the Japanese lines of his co-stars. The director shared, “When I first saw Park Hae Soo, it was the image of Kaito I had imagined in my head while writing the script. If I’m to describe my satisfaction with the Kaito that Park Hae Soo acted as, it’s 100 percent.”

Park Hae Soo commented, “From the day I was cast, I practiced everyday for five to six hours. I did think a lot about [conveying] lines that need to occupy space in a foreign language, and I did my best.”

The new trailer gives a glimpse of the tense game of suspicion these characters have to play in order to survive. Kaito gathers all the suspects and announces his suspicions about one of them being a phantom spy for an anti-Japanese organization that has deeply infiltrated the Joseon Government-General. He gives them one last chance to save themselves as he asks, “Who is the phantom you know?”

In order to live, he gives them all two choices: either prove yourself innocent, or report someone else.

Catch the action-packed trailer below!

“Phantom” hits theaters early next year on January 18.

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