Hyun Bin Reflects On His Heyday, Projects That Marked His Turning Points, And More

Hyun Bin has joined Esquire for a pictorial and interview!

On December 21, Esquire released photos from Hyun Bin’s pictorial along with an interview. In the pictorial, Hyun Bin captivates with his unique atmosphere and mature charms, looking relaxed and comfortable as an experienced actor.

Previously in an interview, Yoo Hae Jin, whom Hyun Bin worked with in the “Confidential Assignment” series, mentioned that Hyun Bin seems to have become more laid-back. Regarding his comment, Hyun Bin replied, “I’m not sure what side of me he saw when he said that. Personally, I think it is because I felt familiar and comfortable with the ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ filming set itself since I was with the actors and staff that I had worked with before. Also, I already had an idea about how to portray the character Rim Chul Ryung.”

Hyun Bin also went through personal changes in the meantime. He shared, “It took us five years to get from the first film to ‘Confidential Assignment 2,’ so I must have earned that inner peace which came with my age. Also now that I’m married, Yoo Hae Jin may have thought that I looked more laid-back in that respect. Of course, it’s just my guess.”

A while ago, Hyun Bin mentioned that his prime years might be in his mid-30s. However, the actor is enjoying his heyday even now, welcoming new teenage fans. When asked how he feels, Hyun Bin replied, “It was a hasty thought. I’ll take my statement back. I said that when I was in my 20s. It was a time when I received lots of love even though I was immature and didn’t have much experience. So I was vaguely thinking, ‘Wouldn’t I be in a better situation than now if I get a little older and build up my acting skills?’ You know when you are in your 20s, you think like a lot of things will change when you reach your 30s. But after I got past my 30s and turned 40, I realized that they don’t. Nothing in particular has changed significantly; it’s just that I’ve come to this point step by step through accumulating experiences. So I think it would be better not to use a word like ‘heyday’ on myself.”

Hyun Bin has been working relentlessly until he found a break before the release of “Confidential Assignment 2.” When asked if he had any projects that marked turning points in his career, Hyun Bin shared, “Among the projects I did in my 20s, the one that is stuck in my memory is ‘I Am Happy.’ After that, it would be ‘Late Autumn.’ Recently, I had a lot of thoughts while filming for ‘Bargaining.’ In particular, I was greatly influenced by [my co-star] Hwang Jung Min such as his attitude toward projects, his passion for films, and his perspective on his profession as an actor. I learned a lot. He became a stimulus for me to broaden my viewpoint on set.”

Check out more photos below!

Hyun Bin’s full pictorial and interview will be available in the January issue of Esquire.

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