The Duality: 5 K-Dramas With Main Leads Who Play Dual Roles

A familiar trope that is often at the forefront of a main K-drama lead is when they play dual roles. There have been many K-dramas in which the main lead has played both the evil and good twin sibling, which really showcases the range of the actor or actress. Here are five entertaining K-dramas where the main leads have had to play dual roles.

The Crowned Clown

King Lee Hun (Yeo Jin Goo) is trying his best as Joseon is struggling to keep peace as a result of political uprisings. A clown named Ha Sun, who is also played by Yeo Jin Goo, is hired to take the place of King Lee Hun to avoid assassination, and the two share an uncanny resemblance to each other.

Quite possibly one of Yeo Jin Goo’s most notable roles, “The Crowned Clown” is a historical masterpiece that really shows his true talent as an actor. Playing dual roles of the king and clown were challenging as it required him to play both the protagonist and antagonist, but he was able to leave a strong impression, making the series one of his best ones yet. The series will have people completely invested and emotionally attached to Ha Sun, sympathizing for his survival and success. It’s a gem of a series and one that can’t be missed if you love dual roles!

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“Kill Me, Heal Me”

“Kill Me, Heal Me” is about a wealthy man named Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung), who struggles with multiple personality disorder as a result of a traumatic experience he had as a child. To be more specific, he has seven personalities, one of which is also in love with the female lead, Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum).

This series has the ultimate main lead playing dual characters as Cha Do Hyun suffers from multiple personality disorder that plagues his life every day. Ji Sung’s ability to portray such different personalities on a whim is not only delightful to watch, but it’s also captivating in that his acting abilities are admirable. His embodiment of bad boy Shin Se Gi and even boy crazy Yona is all too perfect!

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“Who Are You: School 2015”

In this drama, Kim So Hyun plays both Lee Eun Bi and Lee Eun Byul, twin girls who were separated at a young age. When Eun Byul disappears one day, Eun Bi takes her place. Then there’s Han Yi Ahn (Nam Joo Hyuk), who likes Eun Byul, and without knowing it, also starts to like the new Eun Byul, who is really Eun Bi.

As Eun Bi adjusts to her new life, stepping into her twin sister’s shoes, she befriends Gong Tae Kwang, who is played by Yook Sungjae. Gong Tae Kwang ends up falling in love with Eun Bi, and he is a total charmer, which makes it so hard for the viewer when Yi Ahn ends up falling for her too. When the two fight over the affections of Eun Bi, she’s forced to choose between them.

Kim So Hyun’s role of playing both twin sisters is entertaining as she is able to portray both the docile twin and the assertive one. The twins have very contrasting personalities, but Kim So Hyun is able to nail the delivery of both characters. Seeing the two eventually in one scene towards the end of the series also makes the wait totally worthwhile!

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In this drama, Yang Se Jong plays two totally different characters; innocent clone Lee Sung Joon, who has lost his memory; and Lee Sung Hoon, another clone who is a cold-blooded murderer. And Jang Deok Cheon (Jung Jae Young), the chief of the crime squad, must try and uncover the shocking case involving a human clone.

One of the most exciting aspects of this particular series was seeing the audition footage and Yang Se Jong’s incredible ability to transform from one character to the next in a single breath. Throughout the series, you can really tell the difference in his two characters and their personalities just by the change in his facial expressions. The performance is worth the watch alone!

Are You Human Too

Nam Shin (Seo Kang Joon) is the son of an elite and wealthy family. After an unfortunate accident, he falls into a coma, and his mother creates a robot that looks exactly like him, naming him Nam Shin III. The robot learns human mannerisms and takes the place of Nam Shin, who is bedridden.

It’s no surprise that Seo Kang Joon is able to take on such versatile roles, as his past roles have proven that he has the chops. But in this particular series, you can really see how he can play different characters. You have him playing a human and a subtly humorous robot who is trying to be like a human. It’s the perfect sci-fi and love genre mash-up!

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