Watch: MONSTA X Takes 1st Win For “Beautiful Liar” On “Music Bank”; Performances By SF9, NewJeans, And More

The January 20 broadcast of “Music Bank” featured MONSTA X’s “Beautiful Liar” and SF9’s “Puzzle” as candidates for first place. MONSTA X took their first win for “Beautiful Liar” with 10,600 points over 6,356 points for “Puzzle.”

This week’s performers include cignature, H1-KEY, HEEO, MONSTA X, SF9, woo!ah!, NewJeans, Moonbin&Sanha, Park Hyeon Seo, ILY:1, Espero, Lee Ji Young, Double Decker, and PRIMROSE.

Watch this week’s performances below:


ILY:1 – “Twinkle Twinkle”

HEEO – “Destiny or Challenge”

Double Decker – “I Wish This Was Love”

Espero – “Endless”

H1-KEY – “Rose Blossom”

Park Hyeon Seo – “It’ll Be Okay”

cignature – “AURORA”

Lee Ji Young – “Queen”

woo!ah! – “Rollercoaster”

Moonbin&Sanha – “Chup Chup” and “Madness”

NewJeans – “Ditto” and “OMG”

SF9 – “Puzzle”

MONSTA X – “Beautiful Liar”

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