Top 5 K-Dramas On Viki In January

It is hard to believe that the first month of the new year is nearly over already! Have you made any New Year’s resolution? If you did, how are they going so far after a month? This might be a good time to look back on the past month as well as the K-dramas on Viki that have inspired and entertained you during this first month of 2023!

In no particular order.

Brain Works

“Brain Works” is a brain science-themed comedy-mystery drama about two men who can’t stand each other but who must work together to solve a crime case involving a rare brain disease. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa stars as Shin Ha Ru, a brain scientist who possesses a very “extraordinary brain,” having everything except humanity. Cha Tae Hyun plays Geum Myung Se, a very nice and considerate detective with an “altruistic brain.”

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Hit the Spot

“Hit the Spot” tells the story of women in their twenties who want to “live properly” and “feel properly.” EXID’s Hani stars as Son Hee Jae, a young woman who wants to get to know and understand herself properly. As a warm person who is friendly and caring to everyone, she is always surrounded by lots of people. When she unexpectedly winds up in charge of a podcast, she finds herself changing as she contemplates love once again.

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Red Balloon

Starring Seo Ji HyeLee Sung JaeHong Soo Hyun, and Lee Sang Woo, “Red Balloon” is a thrilling yet passionate story about the sense of deprivation we all feel when comparing ourselves to others, the thirst of jealous ambition, and our struggles to quench that thirst. Seo Ji Hye stars as Jo Eun Kang, who dreams of becoming a teacher but instead works as a tutor after consistently failing her employment exams. Lee Sang Woo plays Han Ba Da’s (Hong Soo Hyun’s) husband Go Cha Won, who is a dermatologist.

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Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist 2

Based on the novel of the same name, “Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist” is a drama starring Kim Min Jae as Yoo Se Poong, a well-known internal medicine doctor who was expelled from the royal court after getting caught up in a conspiracy. In Season 1, he embarked on a mission to become a true doctor who heals the heart after meeting Seo Eun Woo (Kim Hyang Gi) and Gye Ji Han (Kim Sang Kyung) in the strange and beautiful village of Gyesu. In Season 2, the Gyessu Clinic doctors move to the capital city of Hanyang as Yoo Se Poong receives a call from the king himself.

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The Forbidden Marriage

Based on the web novel of the same name, “The Forbidden Marriage” is a drama starring Kim Young Dae as King Yi Heon, who falls deep into despair after the death of his wife and ends up prohibiting marriage in his kingdom. Seven years after the loss of his wife (Kim Min Ju), who was then the crown princess, he comes across a con artist named So Rang (Park Ju Hyun) who claims that she can be possessed by the late princess’s spirit.

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Which of these dramas did you love in January, and which ones are you planning on checking out? Let us know in the comments below!

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