Kim Min Kyu And Go Bo Gyeol Dish On Working Together For Upcoming Drama

In a recent interview and pictorial for 1st Look magazine, “The Heavenly Idol” stars Kim Min Kyu and Go Bo Gyeol talked about their upcoming drama!

Based on a popular webtoon and web novel, “The Heavenly Idol” is a fantasy drama starring Kim Min Kyu as High Priest Rembrary, who suddenly wakes up one day to find himself in the body of Woo Yeon Woo, a member of the unsuccessful idol group Wild Animal.

Go Bo Gyeol will star in the drama as Kim Dal, Woo Yeon Woo’s No. 1 fan. When her bias suddenly begins insisting in the fifth year of his career that he’s actually High Priest Rembrary, she winds up becoming Wild Animal’s manager in order to save him.

Describing what it was like to work with Go Bo Gyeol, Kim Min Kyu recalled, “She seemed very unique and eccentric. I’m the type to joke around a lot, and she’s a very understanding person who’s good at going along with my jokes.”

The praise for his co-star didn’t end there. Kim Min Kyu went on to add, “Bo Gyeol has a really sincere and admirable approach and mindset when it comes to acting. I initially thought that she was someone who’s just cheerful and bubbly all the time, but she also has a serious charm that’s the complete opposite of that. I have a lot to learn from her.”

Go Bo Gyeol similarly spoke positively of her experience working with Kim Min Kyu, remarking, “Even though he’s younger than I am, he seemed mature. But the more I got to know him, the more I was surprised by how bubbly and pleasant he was. How should I put it? It’s like he has a talent for making people feel comfortable. He’s someone who’d get along with anyone, anywhere. He’s also a mood maker who brightens up the atmosphere on set by dancing the moonwalk whenever he has a chance between [takes].”

Describing her character in the drama, Go Bo Gyeol said, “Dal is the cool career woman type. She’s good at her job, she’s mature, and she’s also humorous to boot. She has a lot of pride in her work, but it all comes crashing down in one instant. While living like that, she winds up meeting Rembrary, and the two grow and mature together. I think that journey of growth is one of the key points to keep an eye on [in our drama].”

Meanwhile, Kim Min Kyu explained, “Rembrary, who ends up in Woo Yeon Woo’s body, was a high priest in a different universe. One day, he winds up switching souls with Woo Yeon Woo due to the devil’s sorcery. [The drama] tells the story of what happens after he wakes up as a member of the unsuccessful idol group Wild Animal, but even in a different body, he remains faithful to his duty as a high priest, and he considers that the most important goal in his life.”

“The Heavenly Idol” will premiere on February 15 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

In the meantime, watch Kim Min Kyu in “So I Married the Anti-Fan” with subtitles below:

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